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Things That Make Me Cry

Watching the images on TV,
Seeing those desperate moments,
Seeing those people cry,
As a disaster changes there life,
Wondering what they are going to do now,
Home lost,
People gone and missing,
Hurt seen through and through,
Moments seem like hours,
And hours seem like days,
Shock is on their face,
Even if they cannot express it,
There is a fear in their eyes,
Not always about what has been lost,
But what is going to happen next,
Grateful to those that risk their lives,
To help them through that difficult moment,
Seeing those people,
Watching those images,
Knowing the pain of being uprooted,
Knowing that although not quite the same,
Knowing the pain that is in their hearts,
The pain in their souls,
The wonder of what to do next,
Wondering how to pick up one’s life now,
Hoping that they have the faith,
The faith I did in times past,
Knowing that there are people that care,
Knowing that there is a God that cares,
Knowing that through this one will become stronger,
One will find something they never knew before,

My Favorite Place

Walking through the park,
Standing there by your side,
Walking through the store,
Walking to church,
Riding in the car,
Going to this place,
Or that place,
Sitting on the couch,
Watching movies,
Or TV shows,
Doesn’t matter where we are,
Doesn’t matter where we might be,
Doesn’t even matter if we are alone or not,
Doesn’t even matter if it is just us or not,
No matter where we are,
These moments,
These places,
These are my favorite places,
Being by your side,
Being with you,
Loving you with all my heart,
Loving you with all my being,
Being in your arms,
Holding you close,
Laying there listening to your heart beat,
These are the moments I cherish,
These are the moments that get me through,
Get me through the moments we are not together,
The moments I miss you the most,
I look into your eyes,
And I wonder if you really truly know,
That this heart fully does belong to you,
That I love you with everything I am,
And that being with you,
Is my favorite place,
My favorite place to be.


Dry cycle,
Watch the world move around cycle,
Wheels spinning round and round,
Life cycle,
Dream cycle,
Watching life spinning the dreams,
Running around,
Throwing hands to the air,
On the trampoline,
Can you stop for a while cycle,
Always on the go,
Never always taking the break we need,
Sometimes we need to remember,
That we are here not to just go and go,
That we need rest,
We need time for ourselves,
Time for our friends,
Time to be there for others,
To be beside just ourselves,
You just never know,
You just never know what can happen,
You never know what might go on,
Tomorrow is not guaranteed,
There is truly only today,
Be happy,
Be blessed,
Be there for others,
Look for opportunities to smile,
Even at the small things,
Don’t just focus on those cycles,
Those cycles through our lives,
When was the last time?
When was the time you can remember?
That you just stopped,
And literally smelled the roses?
Took a time to just enjoy life,
We can’t always go on the endless cycle,
Of j…