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“So, now we understand what is at stake correct?” “Yes, I understand.” “Good you will have just a short period of time in each jump you do. You can see things, you can watch, but be careful what you do because it can change your whole life and you might not like how it changes once you do something.” I didn’t think he would understand why I was asking this. I had to go back at least to look. At least to find out why things had gone the way it had. I just knew I had to do this, perhaps than I would get the answers, the answers that I had been looking for it seemed for so long. The answers on why my life had turned out like this and why I felt the way I did now. What had caused the damage that seemed to hard to get rid of. I needed to do this even with the look on his face. It was the only way I could truly move on, move on from what happened before.

You Told Me Lies

You told me lies, You told me things that weren’t true, You told me that you loved me, You told me that you thought I was beautiful, You told me that you would never want to leave me, You told me that nothing was wrong, You told me that my things were ruined, You told me these things, And now I don’t believe any where true, I believe all you wanted to do was use me, Abuse me, And make me feel like I wasn’t good enough, Make me feel that I wasn’t enough for things, That I could not be loved by someone, And that you were throwing pity at me, I believe you just wanted something for free, You never really wanted to be with me, You never wanted to try, You wanted to take away things from my life, You wanted me to never open up to anyone else again, You wanted me to feel pain of a thousand tears, You wanted me to cry the rest of my life away, But I will not just stand here, I will not just let you take away my happiness, I will not just let you think that I cannot be, Without you in it, I wi

So I Hear You Are Going

So I hear you are going, You are going to be moving far away, I am so happy and excited for you, But I am also so sad, I don’t want to lose you to another part of the world, I don’t want to not be able to see you almost anytime I want, I don’t want to wait for ages until you get to visit again, I don’t want to miss on things that I might with you being So many miles away, You have been there for so many things, I experienced so many new things with you, You are one of my best friends, I care for you with all my heart and soul, You mean the world to me, But I hear you are going, You are going far away, I am sure we will still talk, But it won’t be the same, You have been there for so many things, Brought me up when I was down, Was my voice of reason at times, Gave me something to keep hoping for, Gave me something to keep believing in, Gave me something to keep me going When all else seemed so lost, You have done and given me so many things, That I cannot truly express into words, All t

It's About the Little Things

Sometimes it is about the little things, The kiss given before heading to work, The hug given when one comes home, The comfort knowing that one is going to stay, Knowing that love is going to stay, It’s about the comfort in knowing That everything is going to be great, That every moment of sad will be double the happiness, Sometimes it is about the way you look at me, Sometimes it is about the way you hold me tight, Sometimes it is about the moments quiet, Sometimes it is about the moments loud, Sometimes it is just knowing I am cared for, More than I ever thought I could or would, Sometimes it is just knowing that you saved me, Saved me from believing that love didn’t exist anymore, Saved me from feeling pain and sorrow anymore, Saved me by giving me strength that I didn’t know I had, Sometimes it is just about knowing, Knowing that you and I were meant to be together, Despite the circumstances that came from us meeting, Knowing that despite what people say or do,

A Part of Me

A part of me still loves you, Although I know I shouldn’t anymore, A part of me still listens to those words, That were uttered it seems a lifetime ago, All of me don’t miss what you put me through, But a part of me doesn’t know how to live without you, I just wish I could forget all about you, Let the moments in the sun, The moments in the rain, The moments in between disappear, Why do you affect me so still? Do you honestly think it was so easy? Do you think it was simple to decide, To know, To realize, That we were over? Do you think that the marriage meant nothing to me? But to have what you did to me, To throw the poems I wrote in my face, To have you spy on my conversations, To yell at me, Than make me so afraid of my life, Even when you seemed to try to take Everything that was me away, I was too strong to let it happen, I was too strong to keep going on, I was too strong, Although I almost lost everything I was, But yet a part of me still loves you, A part of me still cares abo