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Two New Poems

If I Only Had Tomorrow, I Would...

If I only had tomorrow, I would marry you today,
I would be your wife even if it was for one day,
I would hold you closer than I ever held you before,
I would kiss you more tenderly than I ever had before,
I would make love to you all day and night,
I would look at the stars and dream with you
Until that morning light,
And than if the world was to waste away,
I know that I was loved and happy
Even for just one more day.
If I only had tomorrow, I would wish for more days,
More hours,
More minutes,
More of everything I could get,
More of everything I could want,
Just to be there with you
Until the end of the world and time,
More than just tomorrow.
If I only had tomorrow, I would stop wasting today,
I would do everything I could,
All the simple and complex,
Because at the end of everything,
I would hope you knew and felt,
That I love you deeply and that you mean
So much in my life,
In my heart,
In my world.
If I only had tomorrow, I would stop time,
To …

Loving You More Than I Should

Just wrote this. All my new co on FK's fault I swear :P

From the very moment you came to me
In the game we both played and asked me
Would I be your girl on it,
Would I date you,
Would I be all yours,
I had a feeling my life was changing,
That something was happening,
That this was more than just something
To happen the way it did
Because I started to feel something,
I hadn’t felt in a long time for any guy
That I was with on that game,
I longed to hear your voice,
I longed to actually hold you,
I longed to make all the words real,
I never really showed you,
You probably thought I was just doing
What you do in the circumstance,
But it was more than that,
It was more than just dating on the game to me.
I was loving you more than I should,
I started coming online and hoping
You would be on to help me get away
From the realities that was my life,
The emotional abuse,
The pain and suffering,
The crying that I did silently so many times,
And I knew the moment I talked to you
The world …

Remember You, Remember Me

Just wrote this not too long ago, thought I would share this here too. This is in reply to a poetry challenge at Paul's writing group he has on yahoo.

Remember you, remember me,
Back when life seemed more like fantasy,
Back when all you worried about was things so small,
Such as will you have good friends or none at all?
Will you remember to bring your lunch,
Or will you be able to pass the spelling test?
Remember you, remember me,
When you were new to the school
And knew no one but saw me?
You stood there right beside me
With your wavy brown hair and blue eyes
That shined into mine,
Asking my name and saying yours,
Starting something I never knew before,
It was the beginning of something I hold dear,
But sometimes it seems lost in the adult world of life
And knowing I haven’t seen you in years.
Remember you, remember me,
Back when I was too young to understand
The emotions and the thoughts I had,
I knew that I cared for you,
But didn’t fully understand the depth,
But I know I did when I had to leave y…