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Moonlight In The Window

The moonlight peaks through my window,
I feel the moon soak into my being,
I feel the beams circle around me,
I feel the coolness of the breeze,
How I wish you were here,
How I wish you were holding me tight,
How I wish you were with me now,
Every night I look outside,
Outside that window pane,
Wishing for you,
Wishing for you to be with me,
Wishing you were here now,
Wishing to be with you,
Moonlight on the window pane,
Tell me can you see him?
Is he wishing upon the stars?
Wishing for us?
Wishing to be with me?
Wishing as I wish for him?
I feel the magic as it surrounds me,
I feel the magic as it holds me close,
I feel the magic as it kisses me,
As it is a kiss from you,
A kiss from the dream,
A dream of the person I want to be with,
A person to love forever,
A person to dream with forever,
A person to keep close to my heart,
Moonlight on the window pane,
Tell me that I am not just wishing,
Tell me that these dreams are not in vain,
Tell me that this hope is not in vein,
Tell me that this soul will find,
That this …

Changes In The Wind

Where did everything go wrong?
When did everything go crazy?
When did spring become autumn?
When did the singing end?
When did the bitterness come?
I am confused,
I am hurt,
I don’t know why,
I don’t know why now,
Just when I thought I found the answers,
Everything changes again,
Just when I thought I found a good beginning,
I see an end approaching,
Just when everything seemed to fall into place,
I feel the rug being pulled from me,
Why did you have to change?
Why did you have to push me away?
Why did you have to make me feel,
Feel that you didn’t love me?
Feel that you didn’t care for me?
Feel that I didn’t matter in your life,
You have gone and made it clear,
I have seemed to wear out my time with you,
Something has changed,
Something is not the same,
You and I are not the same,
And I don’t think we can regain it,
Regain what has been lost,
But I just wonder,
Wonder where did it all go wrong?
Wonder when it went crazy,
Wonder when this disappeared,
This emotion,
Just when I thought I had us figured out,
I find myse…

I Am In A Trance

I am in a trance,
So deep into your love,
You bring me this light,
Something I haven’t seen,
Something I haven’t felt,
Something I haven’t tasted,
In so many years,
It feels like a deep dream
Something I can see in my mind,
But cannot believe is real,
Something I want to have,
Something I want to have with you,
Something we can share together
Something I cannot imagine,
Imagine without you,
I am in a trance,
So deep into your love,
You come softly to me,
You kiss me deep,
You hold me tight,
You wrap your arms around me,
I feel like I am dreaming,
I cannot believe this is real,
Or is it real?
Is this just a dream,
A dream of a fantasy,
A fantasy I want made flesh?
I am in a trance,
So deep into your love,
I don’t know what up is from down,
I don’t know what love is without you,
I don’t know dreams without you,
I don’t know anything without your touch,
I am in a trance,
So far gone,
Gone from this plane of existence,
Gone to where you are,
Come to me my darling,
Come bring me home,
Wake me up from my daydream,
Wake me up from…

Have You Ever Yearned

Have you ever yearned for something?
Have you ever wanted someone so much?
Have you ever wished they were near?
Have you ever just wanted,
The vastness that seemed to be,
To just disappear into the deep endless sky?
Have you ever wondered if there was ever,
A true choice in life?
Have you ever just wanted for things to change?
To just have things easier than what you were given?
Have you just ever yearned,
Yearned for a love so much you would do anything,
Anything in the world just to have it,
You would walk to the end of the world,
You would become so biased into the feeling,
That you wouldn’t see anything else,
That you wouldn’t want to see anything else,
Feel anything else,
Just be in that moment,
That moment with that person,
Have you ever cried a thousand tears?
Until you felt like you couldn’t cry anymore?
Just because of how much you love someone,
But knew that they could never be yours?
Have you ever lost someone and yearned for them back?
That you would turn the whole world upside down,
Just to have t…

The Voice On The Wire

I know that voice,
The one that is on the wire
The one that four years ago,
Caused me pain and heartache,
The one that I had to let go,
I felt you were not ready,
Ready for that great moment,
You let me go than,
But we stayed the closest of friends,
Than I went through my times,
And you went through yours,
You finally lived on your own,
And I did get married,
But than moments changed again,
I was ambitious to have a love,
To be married,
And than all I got were tears at the end,
And than just when I thought
The feelings were gone,
You came back into my life,
You always seemed to know,
You found a way to make me smile,
If it is one thing,
It was that you were never shy
On telling me that you loved me,
And now you tell me,
That you are coming here,
That you are coming to see me,
I don’t know how to feel,
It’s been over four years,
Since I last saw your face,
Since I last held you in my arms,
Since I last cried
As I left you,
To come back home,
And now you tell me you are coming,
You are coming to see me,
You are taking a br…