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Changing the Dialogue on Bra Wearing

Long before I would ever been diagnosed with fibromyalgia I could not handle wearing bras even ones custom fitted. The uncomfortableness and pain from wearing most of the day would cause me issues. My then boyfriend at the time spoke words that I held onto for a long time more or less saying for how well he knew me I never did anything I didn't want to. This wasn't any sexual choice, but for sake of comfort and not having any pain from wearing bras.

Nowadays even with how much has changed for women we seem to slut shame or assume women who don't wear bras are doing it for sexual reasons. Not even bearing to mind that many have fibromyalgia and the fact of wearing certain clothes can cause insane amounts of pain or other pain related illnesses that might do the same. Or the fact that honestly when it comes to the end of the day some don't wear them just because like me found them too uncomfortable not for any sexual related reason. Some are called names or seen not an a…