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Never Stop Loving You

I watch the butterfly fly pass me,
I fight a tear that wants to be shed,
I don’t want to cry again tonight,
I want you to come to me,
I want you to bring me a smile,
I want you to tell me,
That you can change this,
That you and I can start again,
That you and I will be one,
When have we ever been ones to listen to others?
When have we let the city or country change us?
We need to bring alive these ashes,
The ashes of our hearts torn apart,
Torn apart from not being together,
I listen to the stream,
I listen to the woods,
I listen to the sky,
I listen to the rain,
Every part of the world tells me,
Every part of me shouts to me,
Every ounce of me wants you back,
I don’t know how to shallow my pride fully,
I don’t know how to even start to try,
I don’t know how to show you,
I don’t know how,
I don’t know how to bring you back,
There have been so many lonely nights,
And event though I’ve been with others,
No one has ever come close,
No one has ever come close to you,
You were everything,
You were my world,
And I let you…

The One For Me

You my love inspire the depths of my love,
You bring forth something special into my heart,
Irresistible am I to your charms,
I crave to be with you again,
I long to hold you in my arms,
To be the victor of your love,
To never let you go,
I have learned my lesson,
I have gone through so much since you,
I have had to deal with my heart being broken,
I have had to sleep alone,
I had to dream without you near,
I had to wish for you,
I had to try to tell myself it would be okay,
But I knew deep in the very depths of my soul,
That a part of me lived on in your heart,
That a part of me lived in your arms,
That a part of me wanted you back home,
That you love kept on inspiring me,
Kept on helping me reach for the stars,
You were the one that always knew,
You always were the ones that held me dear,
All this time I thought you gave up,
But I know now,
That nothing was farther from the truth,
You still held me close to your heart,
You still held me close to your mind,
You still held me close,
You wanted me to know,
You wan…