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My Favorite Memory Of Us

That first moment,
That moment I looked into your lovely eyes,
The moment I saw you walking toward me,
The way I watched you those moments,
Those few moments before anything was said,
Then there was that first hello,
As you opened the door to your car,
And then we drove to the first spot,
Had our first in person conversation,
Had that first true connection,
That moment,
That time,
Is my favorite memory,
It started the story,
It started the lines,
The lines that I would tell,
Tell to so many people, who love me,
Care of me,
Wished happiness,
Wished peace,
That first moment,
That first realization of that dream,
The dream that could come true,
The one that deepens,
The one that stays forever,
There is only one moment,
Only one thing,
That could ever surpass my favorite memory,
My favorite memory of us,
My favorite memory that is you and me,
And that would be the moment,
The time,
You utter the words I long to hear,
When you ask me to be yours,
Yours for the rest of our days,
To be your wife,
That would be the only time,

Day 29 Your Aspirations

Finally able to do this after getting sick and working for a little bit.

Something I aspire to is to not only to keep on writing but to push myself to write things that I might have not thought of writing before. To get back into writing short stories and novels as well as try my hand more with songs and one act plays. I feel I also found a calling in working more on blog related posts and just finding the inspiration to find my muse among that calling. Writing is something I want to use to touch people’s hearts, souls, minds, and anything else I can get I feel that God has given me quite the gift in this and I hope to use it well.

I aspire to be a great friend, best friend, girlfriend, and all those little titles we assign ourselves through things in our lives. I try to always have an open door to my friends being there for them and supporting them through the good times and bad times. To be someone to be counted on and inspire in whatever way I can.

I aspire to be a good example…