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Then I Found You

Then I Found You

Long have my defenses been built,
Ice has formed around this heart,
Everything felt lost and confused,
Not knowing where my muse and love could be,
Not knowing where my home could be,
Never thinking I could find the one again,
Than you and I met,
And the sparks began to fly,
And before I knew it the ice started to melt,
The defenses that were built so long,
So high around my heart,
Started to crack and fade,
Before there was much time,
Those defenses were destroyed,
Long have my defenses been built,
The ice had formed around this heart,
My heart had felt shattered and destroyed,
Hurt by one I thought loved me but disappointed me,
But then I met you my darling,
And before I knew what was going on,
The ice shattered,
I felt my heart beating for the first time,
Free from the pain and hurt,
Free from the ice and cold,
Feeling the warmth of your touch,
Feeling your lips against mine,
I am completely taken in awe,
The way you easily broke through,
The way you melted this heart of mine,
Long have my defe…

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