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This Week

This week there will be someone struggling,
To just get by in the world,
To have to bury someone they love,
To have to hold someone’s hand,
As they find out about a disease,
Or find out something wonderful,
To have to be alone because their loved one is gone,
Off to war,
Lost to death,
Lost to something else,
This week there will be someone going hungry,
Having to deal with a flood,
Or some other natural disaster,
Someone who has lost their way,
Who wants to find a way back,
But doesn’t know how,
Someone will feel pain,
And not understand or know,
How to find happiness again,
Will think about horrible things,
And not know that there is hope out there,
Someone will give up on their dreams,
Because they believe they cannot go anywhere,
But this week will also bring joy to someone,
To someone who has been praying,
And believing in Him,
To someone who sees the light at the end,
Believes in love,
Believes in dreams,
Someone will find love,
Will find their dreams,
Will find hope,
Find belief,
Find the answers they’ve been …

Day 24 Something That Makes You Cry

There is so much pain in the world due to so many things. People, who have no jobs, homes, lost their loved ones through war, divorce, and so much more. Seeing my friends go through hardships due to people not understanding what they might be going through. One of the hardest times in my life was when I went through my divorce. Although it was for the best due to the other things going on just going through it was something that made me cry due to the fact that although there was the abuse I did love him.

Another thing that can make me cry is seeing my family and friends being treated unjustly through one way or another especially those going through health issues that people don’t seem to understand because they are so wrapped into themselves. People who believe they are not good enough just because of having either a certain disability or something they cannot control. People who feel they are ugly do to the messed up images that is in our culture and the pressure of it all ins…