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This is the story I am working on. This is by no means finished as it is a rough drift. I am currently stuck. For those that have read some of it you will find some new stuff near the middle of this and for those newer to my list you can read everything that I have so far. Enjoy :)

"So tell me again why are we here?"
"Given the circumstances I guess I can explain it again but this is the last time."
"Okay, I get the hint just tell me please."
I hated to beg but I had no choice in the manner I was the one having to deal with this not him. The fact of the matter was it wasn't supposed to be like this. Things weren't suppose to be like this, but what is and was, are two different things and I was having to deal with the is, the was would have to wait at least for now.

"So, now we understand what is at stake correct?"

"Yes, I understand."

"Good you will have just a short period of time in each jump you do. You can see things, you…

Trying to Find the Words

I am trying to find the words needed,
The ones that will set me free,
The ones that you need to hear,
The ones that I want you to hear,
I want to scream out,
I want to shout out until you feel it,
I want you to carry it in your heart,
I want you to carry it in every smile,
I want you to carry it inside your soul,
I am trying to find the words,
The ones to fully express everything I feel for you,
The ones that would tell you everything,
The ones that seem to be pent inside my mind,
The ones that scream at me whenever I think of you,
The ones that lies deep inside my heart,
The ones that seem in reach,
Yet still so far away,
I am trying to find the words,
I would do anything to find the words,
The ones that could show you what you mean to me,
The ones that could tell you how much I love you,
The ones that I dream of whenever I am asleep,
The ones I want to whisper to your heart,
I want to tell you everything in my heart,
I want to tell you everything in my soul,
I want to tell you everything,
But I am afraid,