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Learning To Live With Myself

There have been those dark moments,
Those moments that weren’t always the best,
Those moments that I choose wrong paths,
But through it all I have had to learn,
Had to learn to live with myself,
I’ve walked down many paths,
Many moments of hard times,
Sad times,
Always stretched out,
Always wanting to find the peace,
Find the joy that I knew was out there,
Out there somewhere in that world,
I tried so many things,
Tried to lose myself in so many things,
But never truly finding,
Never truly seeing the answers,
I have done so many things,
Had to answer to those moments,
Those hardships,
Those times that weren’t always,
A ray of light,
But now that He is with me,
Now that I have Him in my life,
Now that I have accepted Him,
Life seems to be easier,
Times are getting easier,
Even through still the hard moments,
Finding ways,
Finding strength,
To live with what happened,
To keep taking it one day at a time,
Knowing that I am forgiven,
Forgiven for those past sins,
Been washed,
Been cleaned,
And although hard at times,
And al…

Traitor's Kiss

With just one kiss His fate was sealed,
He was to die on the cross,
He was to die for our sins,
He was to die for the love of many,
All it took was just one moment,
Just one kiss,
Just one person to betray Him,
Just one offer of money,
Just one offer of things not so important,
Many did not want to believe,
Many wanted him crucified,
Many didn’t want to open their hearts,
Many didn’t want to hear the truth,
So they thought,
So they conspired,
And then they got someone,
Someone who was suppose to be close,
So close to Him,
To just show them,
To show them Him,
To betray Him,
To give Him up to them,
But He knew it was coming,
He knew it was His Father’s Will,
He accepted it because,
He loved us,
He loved those that are meek,
Those who love,
Those that have true wisdom,
Those that sought to seek Him,
He went to Calvary,
He went with joy and love,
He went to give us salvation,
He went to give us eternal life,
So with the traitor’s kiss it was sealed,
Sealed for Him to die,
Although He never did anything wrong,
He was perfect,

Keep On Learning

Every single moment,
Every single day,
We can keep on striving,
We can keep on learning,
We can keep on building,
We can keep on finding ways,
There are ups and downs,
Rights and wrongs,
We might stumble,
We might fall on occasion,
We might have those times
When we are extra hard on ourselves,
When life is handing you those hard times,
When everything else seems to be falling apart,
These are the times,
These are the moments,
That is the day to keep turning to Him,
Keep on learning that He is always there,
That He cares about you,
That there is light,
Because He is the light to the darkness,
To the hard times,
Through those moments,
So keep on learning,
Keep on focusing,
Keep on believing,
There is always a way,
Then there are those moments,
Those people that enter into our lives,
By the grace of God,
That seems to say the right things,
Those right words,
To help us see that we are the Light,
We are the Light of His Word,
We are the salt,
We are the love,
That is possible,
To keep on shining through every day,
Because God…