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To Walk In The Sun

If they tell you that you cannot do it,
Look the other way,
If they say you cannot feel it,
Forget what they say,
If they say you cannot believe it,
Believe it anyway,
If they say put down your hopes,
Your dreams,
The love within your heart,
Just keep on moving,
Do not let them tear you apart,
Just keep believing,
Just keep going,
Do not let them set your pace,
Do not let them set your dreams,
Do not let them tell you no,
If they tell you that there is no way,
Find one anyways,
If they tell you that it’s all in your head,
Prove them wrong,
Show them,
Teach them,
Stand up,
Be accounted for,
If they tell you there is no way,
No how,
Just isn’t going to happen,
Stand up,
Stand tell,
Keep going,
Keep believing,
Don’t give up,
Don’t let them win,
There is always going to be someone,
There is always going to be hardship,
There is always going to be rough times,
But if you believe,
If you look,
If you listen,
If you see,
There is always that moment,
There is always that victory,
And when you see another,
Who has lost their way,
Has th…

Why Is It So Hard

Why is it so hard?
What is so difficult?
What can truly be so hard to say I love you?
To say I am beautiful?
To put into words that you care?
To show in more than just actions?
To give something verbal?
To meet me somewhere even if it is part way?
I love you more than I could have ever thought,
Love you more complete than I could have dreamed,
But I struggle at times,
Feeling at the sidelines,
Feeling that there is something missing,
Wondering where the void suddenly came,
These emotions so strong and deep,
These emotions that I wear on my sleeve,
These emotions that cut through and through,
Leaving me wondering what to do,
Leaving me at this place,
Leaving me at this point,
Why is it so hard?
What can be so difficult?
I know patience hasn’t always been my strong point,
But I feel that I have given it my all,
And then some,
And here I stand,
Here I sit,
Here I wait listening,
Nothing more than a few words,
Just a few moments,
Just that feeling,
At a total loss of words,
At a total loss of b…