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I Watch You Silently

I watch you silently,
I memorize every curve,
I lay my hand against your body,
I hold onto your body,
As I feel myself cave into my desire,
I am in a deep trance just holding onto you,
It could rain around us,
It could have the brightest sun,
It could be any type of weather,
All I know,
All I see,
Is you and me,
We are so special together,
I feel it in our hearts and souls,
Every dream ever written,
Every hope ever spoken,
Every thought in our minds,
Come to this,
I watch you silently,
I don’t speak a word,
I had forgotten how wonderful love can be,
I had forgotten how joyous this feeling was,
I watch you silently,
I don’t speak a word,
I just memorize every moment,
I memorize every curve,
I memorize every kiss,
I memorize every touch,
I memorize everything deep into my mind,
I watch you silently,
Never saying a word,
Just wanting to take every moment,
Wanting it to last forever,
Never wanting you to leave,
Always wanting more,
You have caused deep passion in my soul,
You have brought back the fire in my eyes,
You have g…