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Life As An Asthmatic Part 1

There have been many titles and definitions that matched to who I am or was at any specific time. I think even as kids we go through these changes. Of course as a child though we don't think of the possible other things that might come such as diseases we might have to live with for the rest of our lives. Some are more well known than others. Some are even more life threatening.

All seem to have stereotypes of who is affected by it. This is such a story about the real life challenges of one with asthma. This will be a very public from a somewhat private life. It is time for the world to understand more and realize what asthma is. How it effects one person's life. The sometimes daily struggle that seems to happen when one has asthma especially when one doesn't have health insurance and currently not much income as well.

Currently I am looking for a job anything really something without sales if possible and something with benefits. I have a check list of things I …