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Journal Day 7

Reflect on journaling so far. Is it going as anticipated? Are you enjoying it? Is it difficult?

Well, since I started in this challenge late I’m more on doing a third day instead of seven. However, I believe it’s going well even my husband commented that it’s good that I’m writing again as he teased I married a writer was wondering where she went. I haven’t really found it difficult I usually do a few challenges before I crash after Harley has gone to bed for the night and hubby is done with his lunch break. Depending on things I usually gotten two but yesterday did three guess we will see how many I do today. I’m glad to be doing it I think it’s helping me get back on track least the last few days I’m obviously writing something and that’s a good start.

Journal Challenge Day 6

Write a 6 word memoir of your life so far

Never give up resilience always wins

Journal Challenge Day 5

Write a letter to a loved one

My dearest Harley,

You are truly my miracle girl after trying for 5 years  and not using any fertility treatments I got to find out I was pregnant with you. As each week progressed and sometimes just the day I got more and more excited to have you in our lives. You are now just over three months old and watching you grow especially seeing already how smart and strong you are gives me endless happiness. You are truly the best thing that has happened to me other than marrying your father. I love just watching you smile, giggle, and play. I love sometimes just cuddling with you.

The world right now is so uncertain with so many craziness going on, but I do hope somehow by the time you get even more aware what’s around you that it will become better and that when you get older you will have the opportunity to literally do anything you wish. I love my bundle girl always being your mommy is definitely one of the best things in this world.