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Maybe In Time

An older heartbreak type poem I found

You gave me a death sentence,
You told me it was over,
The joy left my body,
Choices seemed to be gone,
Wishing this pain would leave,
Far to another place,
Another place and time,
How will I be able to live without you?
How will I be able to deal with this life?
How will I be able to keep going?
Don’t you know I gave up everything?
Everything to make you happy?
I put so much space between those,
Those who were my friends,
And than you uttered those words,
The words that changed my life forever,
You no longer wanted to be with me,
You no longer wanted to be my mate,
You no longer wanted to be by my side,
You no longer wanted me,
And I felt everything fall,
Everything fall into millions of pieces,
Everything falls down,
I than talked to her,
She told me it will be okay,
I am not sure it will be,
I never felt this sort of pain before,
It seemed so everlasting,
Something that would not end,
But she told me she loved me,
And maybe I can believe in that,
Knowing she had bee…