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Picture Of Us

All I feel,
All I see,
You and me,
This picture perfect moment,
This picture perfect dream,
This picture perfect last forever,
Beauty, life, honor, hope, love,
Take a picture,
Take it now,
This moment might pass,
But truly will last forever,
Happiness, dreams, life, beauty,
It all meets together,
Here within the two of us.

Like A Dream

Like a dream,
I will weave the words,
I will weave the music,
I will weave the tune,
I will weave,
Weave those emotions,
Weave that heart,
Weave that peace,
That lies deep within,
Like a dream,
I will sigh through the good moments,
Shed a tear,
Keep the belief,
See every color,
To the very depths of the moment,
Of the heart,
Of the soul,
Of my love of you,
Like a dream,
Moments seem to pass,
Moments seem to come together,
Everything in between,
And the words weave,
And the music sings,
And the tune plays,
And the dream becomes stronger,
As it clings,
And clings,
To the voices,
To the feeling,
To the emotions,
Of what is within,
Like a dream,
The emotions come,
The emotions gather,
The hope comes closer,
Love beats a bit stronger,
And my eyes,
And my heart,
And my mind,
And my soul,
Reaches out,
Reaches out to that dream,
But it is stronger than a dream,
But it believes more than a hope,
It believes more than anything,
Because it holds on strong,
It holds on long,
As it clings,
And it clings,
To you,
To us,
To the moment,
And l…

Going Through Life With Blinders On

I can’t tell you to be fair,
I can’t tell you to look beyond,
What you might see,
What you might know,
I can’t tell you how to feel,
I can’t tell you if she’s no good for you,
It really isn’t any of my business,
It really isn’t something I should concern about,
But I cannot help myself,
But I cannot pretend to not feel,
But I cannot let go what is real,
But I cannot let you not see,
What is around you constantly,
You turn your eyes away,
You do anything but to look,
You do anything but to see,
You do anything but to feel,
What it is like,
How it feels,
What it is to be on the other side,
I can’t tell you to be fair,
I can’t tell you to look beyond your eyes,
To see what lies beneath everything,
Everything else that you can ever know,
Ever feel,
Ever realize,
But you never want to feel,
But you never want to realize,
But you never want to see,
Because you are into yourself,
Because you are past all emotions,
Because you are past all caring,
It isn’t my business,
It isn’t part of my life,
But maybe,
Just maybe,
Instead of…