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Life As An Asthmatic Part 3

Most of Wednesday July 8th and part of Thursday July 9th was one of those moments that asthmatics fear. Dealing with asthma attacks left and right. Having to deal with the pain and tightness of the chest, headaches, coughing, tiredness, and drinking a lot of tea. Before going over what I promised to go over about the causes of asthma, the different types of asthma, and touching on treatments for asthma. I wanted to first go back over what I asked you to think about. Did you think about those in your life that is touched by this disease? Keep those people in mind as you read about the causes of asthma. What triggers those of us that have it, to have asthma attacks. Asthma itself on what causes it isn't a for sure thing. There is no rhyme or reason it seems on why some people get asthma and why other's don't. There are though triggers that can cause the asthma to flare up and cause a person to have asthma related attacks. Some of these triggers as according again t