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Life As A Medical Anomaly Part 1

Adversity was part of my language long before I knew what the meaning of the word was and dealing with hardships with difficulties was second to it.Before I was even ever diagnosed with Asthma, Carpel Tunnel, Tendinitis, Hypothyroidism, Chronic Migraines, and mild Scoliosis I was born with a speech problem and a motor skill problem although it was not discovered until I was in Preschool, where those part of the program realized there were issues with my speech and my motor functions which started my journey of being a medical anomaly even though I would not understand until many years later.In grade school I was put in special education due to the fine motor skill problem and the speech issues, going through a speech therapist during the process for the whole length of my grade school years, it was during those years I would know what adversity was even before knowing the word.I was teased and bullied during grade school, due to me being in special education and later becoming a heavy…