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I Hold In My Heart

Another older poem

I hold in my heart
Memories of you,
Thought of you,
Feeling for you.
No matter how much time,
No matter what has gone on,
No matter where I am,
I will never forget you.
Even though each year
Gets a little bit better
I will never forget
My pledge to you.
I will keep you alive
In my thoughts,
In my dreams,
In my mind,
In my soul,
In my heart,
In my being.
You will never be forgotten
By those who truly cared,
By those who you shared
Your emotions,
By those who would have stand
For you no matter what.
As the anniversary
Of your death draws near
I will try not to think of
Why you died so young,
But instead of how
Your life touched people’s lives,
In the short time
You were here.
I will always be
Forever changed
Because you were a part
Of my life.
I will not cry this year
For I know your spirit
Is always with me
And you wouldn’t want me
To be sad every year
The day of your death
Comes by.
I will instead smile
And remember all
The good times
We went through
And know that yo…

Exit Sign

The first poem I wrote for my friend Ryan that committed suicide.

There is a sign on the wall
That tells me where I'm going.
I leave the crowded hallway
As I approach closer
To the place
Where the sign is.
I'm almost free.
Free from everything
Nothing at all.
I then began to wonder
What is left
And how he would have thought.
If only he knew
Where his life was going to be
The next day.
If only he could have
Said good-bye
As he approached the sign
One last time.
I won't forget him
Or the lesson he taught to me.
Which now appears so clear.
Don't take life for granted.
Remember your memories
But don't make them your life.
For you may never know
What can happen
And why it does.
Show your friends that you care
For you may never know
When you leave the world
And go to the exit sign.

Even Though You Are Gone

Even though you are gone,
I hope you will know
Your memory will carry with me.
I just wish you said good-bye.
I don't think you will ever know
How many people would feel sad
When you left this world.
I will never forget you,
Even though you are gone.
Even though you are gone,
Your memory will carry on.
The memories you give
Won’t be washed away.
I just wish I could have told you
Everything I want to now.
You were a good friend
Even though most people
Didn’t know the real you.
I just want to say thank you for
Everything you have taught me,
Even though you are gone.