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When You Came To Me

When you came to me,
Something drastic occurred without warning,
You brought on unexpected changes,
You brought them on silently leaving me wondering,
Where you had been so long,
I guess eventually love does come long term,
There is this secret action that brings me this information,
That love will forever be with you,
There is no bad issues of a hopefully we will be,
I know in my heart and soul that we are forever,
Ever since the first contact,
I knew in my heart and soul,
That this was a forever waiting to happen,
That this was a dream waiting to shine,
That this was a lifetime wanting to be,
It isn’t about IF this will last forever,
This is about forever starting true,
This is about forever being more than a dream,
This is about forever coming true,
There is no more waiting,
There is no more wanting,
There is no more needing for it to be,
There is just this,
Just us,
Sitting here together forever,
When you came to me,
Something inside of me drastically changed,
Something inside of me woke up,
Something inside…

As He Goes

She watches as he leaves,
Wanting him to stay with her,
She doesn’t want him gone,
Even for a moment,
She’s waited way too long
To hold him in her arms,
But she knows that he won’t be gone long,
Even though it hurts her a little still,
They try to spend every moment they can,
Knowing that moments can only last so long,
Their relationship is still very new,
But she knows that it will last forever,
The two became one,
One became a we,
It was destined to be,
What they are to each other,
No matter where they are at,
They are forever in each others hearts,
So, she watches him leave,
She lets her heart ache,
Missing him already as he goes,
He comes back for one more kiss,
Tells her that he loves her,
And that everything now is perfect,
That they will last forever,
So, she watches him leave,
Knowing it won’t be forever,
Because their love is strong,
Even when they aren’t together.

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder if we were ever really meant to be,
Sometimes I wonder if I ever really knew you at all,
Sometimes I wonder if the pain will ever end,
I still remember all the stories and the lies.
The ones you told to my face,
It seems unfair how you made me feel,
I wonder when you were going to share
The mask you seemed to put on with me,
But eventually the truth comes no matter how much,
You tried to control the situation,
You are now untrustworthy to me,
I will never believe another word you say to me,
Please don’t bother,
Please just let me forget all the moments we had,
I am not afraid to go on without you,
Even if I might always still love you in my own way,
Why is it so hard to be over you?
When you have done so much to hurt me?
Why is there times I keep thinking about you?
I have a wonderful love in my life,
Someone who cares more than it seemed you did,
Perhaps it is because you were the first
That wanted to join your life with mine?
Perhaps it is because I thought we were going to be happy

Wishing For You

I wish upon a star wishing you were here,
Why are you so far away?
Moment slowly pass,
I try to be patient,
But patience has never been a friend of mine,
I could keep crying but that isn’t
Going to bring you any closer to me,
Tired of being here without you,
Wishing there was just some way to bring you home,
I wish on those stars,
Wishing you were here in my arms,
No being here all alone,
I want so much to be by your side,
I want this,
I want us,
I want more than just dreams,
I want true life,
I want true bliss,
Please baby wish upon a star,
Maybe if we wish real hard,
If we wish true,
We will be together,
We will be one,
We won’t be apart,
Like we are now,
On this long sleepless night.

I Don't Want To Go

I don’t want to go,
No I want to stay here with you,
I don’t want to leave you,
I want to hold you tight until tomorrow comes,
And if tomorrow doesn’t come I still want to hold you,
I want to be with you forever,
I do not see an end to us,
So let the world fall down around us,
I would not care at all,
If everything went crazy,
Than let it be,
I know that you do love me,
That this is meant to be,
So let everything else fall apart,
Of everything else in my life,
This is the one thing that makes total sense,
IT might sound crazy to others,
But this is where I want to go,
No I don’t want to go,
No I don’t want to leave,
My heart now belongs to you,
My soul now belongs to you,
My dreams are in your heart,
You are everything to me darling,
And I don’t care if everything else goes crazy,
This is where I want to be,
Right here in your arms.