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Woot Day

So, yesterday was busy with running around with everyone to various places hoping to get my check cashed which didn't happen but it was still nice to get out of the house for a bit even with all the crazyiness. However, I didn't feel well enough to do much else my chest was still ultra killing me due to all the pain. Today has been pretty good seems to have made up for the feeling like crap went with mom to one of her things than ended up going to Olive Garden for a well deserved treat out with all the hard work Brian, Mom, and I at least have been doing around here. Soon after we sort of ended up at Washington Mutual and I was actually able to open a checking account so no more having to do check cashing places woohoo!!! I also by the sounds of it have landed an editing job I can do at home for someone's novel how cool is that? I still got some to do list things but we were out for most of the day. I just recently finished what ads I had to do and weeding through ema