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Surround Yourself

You will surround yourself with
Warmth and riches,
With dreams and happiness,
With laughter and love,
With smiles and joy,
With memories and moments,
You will surround yourself with
Beauty and love,
Dreams that touch the sky,
And touch the inner most part of your heart,
Dreams that touch the inner most part of your soul,
All of this can be yours,
If you do this today,
Surround yourself with these things,
In everything that you do,
Do not let the doubters get you down,
Do not let no to make you stop,
Rejection is everywhere,
Some will never fully understand your vision,
Your hopes,
Your dreams,
Your love that rides inside,
No matter what is going on,
No matter who follows you,
And who leaves you,
Keep this faith,
Keep this hope,
And surround yourself,
Surround yourself with warmth and riches,
Things that is not always tangible,
But deep within your heart,
True warmth and riches are not found,
By money,
By material things,
By things that do not last,
It is found by things that do not ha…

This Is How It Will Be

Just when you think it is over,
When you feel there is nothing to fight for,
When you feel that there is nothing,
Nothing that can possibly give you hope,
When darkness seems to be your only friend,
And hurt is all around,
Just keep on going,
Keep on going,
Keep that head up high,
Because this is how it will be,
Through the darkness and the strife,
There is still always faith,
There is still always light,
There is still always someone,
You have not come across to,
That will bring you,
Take you,
Believe you,
To the highest place,
And this is how it is,
Just when you think your insecurities,
Are going to put a dent into your future,
Into your life,
When you feel like the voices,
Are being so loud,
And cannot be calm,
And quiet,
When you feel there is no end,
To all of this,
Just keep on going,
Keep on going,
Keep that head up high,
Because this is how it will be,
Through all those insecurities and those voices,
There is still always faith,
There is still always light,
There is still alw…


Emptiness was filling the room,
As things were removed,
The memories still echoed,
Through the walls,
Even though much was not there anymore,
The days were going quick,
Studying the last bit of the walls,
That was part of her home for so long,
Many good things were made there,
Many bad things were done there,
The day was approaching quickly,
Excitement was thick in the air,
Life was moving forward,
And soon she would be starting a new,
She was marrying her best friend,
In a few days’ time,
Anything but emptiness was in her heart,
Her heart was so big,
Full of love,
For her future,
The day was finally coming,
And the emptiness from the past,
Was retreating more,
And more by the day,
Was around physically,
In the room,
But fullness,
Was taking its place,
Within her heart,
As the days chase each other,
And things keep on going,
Emptiness in the room was growing,
Emptiness in her heart was fading,
And fullness was replacing,
The emotions in he…

She Doesn't Belong

Summer memories start to fade,
As the school bell rings,
To start a new year,
Laughter is echoed through the halls,
As she walks through quietly,
She is the one without many friends,
She is the one that people pretend,
That she does not even exist,
She does not even belong,
She holds up her head,
Does not let it get to her,
She knows the truth,
Inside her soul,
The guy she loved was away,
And did not go to the same school,
As she did,
Her best friend was not there,
To help comfort her,
During this time,
She hears the others laughing,
Talking about everything from the summer,
About the memories they shared,
The ones she was not a part of,
Because no one seemed to care,
No one took an interest,
From this lone girl,
And she just wished she was anywhere,
But there,
The bell rings,
She walks quickly to the class,
The bullies now are on their best behavior,
They rather not start something in class,
She sits there listening to the teacher,
Trying to put her mind at ease,
They whisper,
They t…

Imagine If Just For Today

Imagine if just for today,
That there was no more pain,
That there was no more war,
That there was no more heartache,
That there was no more strife,
That there was no more sadness,
Just imagine,
Even if it was for one day,
What would you do?
If that happened today?
Would you make the most of it?
Would you go up to someone?
Would you tell them how much you appreciate them?
Even if you didn’t know them?
Would you reach out?
Where you are not reaching out now?
Would you tell someone you love them?
From the one you are hiding it from now?
Would you give that chance?
Because you are not afraid,
Of someone hurting you?
Because you are not afraid,
To share those emotions,
Deep within your heart,
Deep within your soul,
Imagine if just for today,
That there were no more difficulties,
That there was no crime,
That there was no hatred,
That there was only love,
That there was only kindness,
That there was only peace,
That there was nothing more,
Than caring,
Imagine it just …