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How To Write an Author Bio

When you are working on an author’s bio you normally want to have certain information in it including of course your name or a name you go by if you have a pen name, lot of times especially if it is a long term assignment or a book getting published you want a general location, and a little history about your writing. You may include your age but I normally suggest against it due to the work that is involved in updating it constantly. I also do not suggest giving out your full mailing address unless it is a PO Box when it comes to fan clubs and other correspondence with your readers not to mention it helps keep your privacy.

Now some other things you want to include are any web links to your work or to a site you might have featuring your work as well. This will give yourself traffic which might help you sell more things if you are selling something or at least generate a fan base for your work as you work on various portions on your website. There are many various places you can go…