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I Crave You

I crave You, Crave those lips to kiss, Crave to touch every inch of you, To work down your body, To kiss and caress, To love and adore, To touch and massage, To memorize each inch of that flesh, I crave you, Crave to be in your arms, To snuggle against you, To give into every breathe, To give into every desire between us, To give into the feeling every time I am with you, I Crave you, Crave to have you touch me, Touch every portion of my skin, Kiss every inch letting the desire build, Letting your fingers stroke my body, Massing every inch of my skin, Building the heat inside of my body, I crave you my darling, Crave to have you inside, To let our bodies become one together, To never be away from your scent, And the warmth of your body, The warmth of your skin against mine, As you come to the depth of my being, And you hold me tight, I crave you my forever, Crave to be yours every way, Every way that one can be, To be inside your whole being, To have your tongue all over my body, Tasti