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Good Things Happen When

Good things happen when one remembers to keep going,
When one believes in miracles,
When one believes in love,
When one believes in laughter,
When one believes in hope,
When one stands up for their dreams,
Holds on tight to their faith,
Believes in the good,
Finds a way to forgive the bad,
Good things happen when one stands up,
For those that are around them,
That has less than them,
That needs hope,
That needs faith,
That needs something to believe in,
To know that they are cared for,
Cared about,
And are not forgotten,
Good things happen when you keep going on,
Even when you feel the very strength,
The very hope,
The very depth,
The very dreams,
Seem so far from where you are,
Good things happen when you show,
That you will extend that hand,
Think more than just yourself,
Put yourself in someone else’s shoes,
Listen to them,
Let them be heard,
Some just want to have their voice,
Voice let out from their world,
To have that voice,
Find a way outside of what is going on,
You never know a full situation,
You never know …