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Lovely Roses

Lovely roses,
Beautiful dreams,
Happiness comes,
Eternal love can last,
Many different meanings,
From the various colors on them,
Lovely roses,
Happiness never ending,
A gesture of simple,
That can mean so much to someone,
A simple flower,
One that has it’s thorns,
But one that brings emotions,
From deep within someone’s heart,
Lovely roses,
Wonderful dreams,
Happiness never ending,
Whenever you are with me,
I don’t need a dozen or even a single one,
Because as lovely as those roses,
As lovely as those beautiful dreams,
They don’t quite have the meaning,
As just the love in your heart,
Can truly bring.

Through This Life

Through this life there have been many ups and downs,
Through this life there have been joys and hardships,
Through this life there have been good and bad decisions,
Hard times,
Good times,
Everything in between,
Through this life I have had my heart broken,
Torn apart,
And pieced together very slowly,
But now the tides have turned,
Life has changed,
And the path has become different again,
Through this life I have had to search for meaning,
And go through the trials and tribulations,
I was lost for so long but now I have finally found,
The peace,
The hope,
The joy,
The love,
That I have been wanting for a long time,
Through this life I have been a sinner,
And although I still am a sinner,
Things are different and new,
Because now that God is in my life,
And I have an open heart,
I know that as I go through this life,
As I put my life in His Hands,
I feel a fullness that I’ve never felt before,
And I feel deep love I’ve never felt before,
Through this life there have been many things,
But now with God,

My Life Is Renewed

My life is renewed,
My life has fully changed,
Now that God is in my life,
And I became saved,
I feel that I am a brand new person,
Life is totally different and new,
I feel more strength in my life,
Even with all the hardships around,
I feel so grateful,
Because I have finally found,
What I’ve been looking for,
What I’ve been searching for,
For so very long,
My life is renewed,
My life has now fully changed,
I feel more complete in every single way,
A new dawn has come,
Putting light until the darkness,
I am giving all my burdens,
Keep praying for strength,
Keep praying for guidance,
Keep praying for the light,
As I go forth through my journey,
Through the rest of this life,
I know on the other side is eternal life,
Because I am saved,
Hallelujah I am saved,
I have found redemption with Jesus Christ,
And now my life is different,
It is renewed,