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Changes In Life

Everyday things are changing,
Sometimes days seem like weeks,
And weeks like months,
And months like years,
We have our moments,
We have those times,
When everything seems to be changing,
That it feels the rug is being pulled,
From beneath us,
We don’t always know what to do,
Or rather we will sink,
Or swim,
We might not always believe,
Those changes will always be good,
Sometimes we don’t always understand,
What the purpose might be,
What the way will bring,
Changes are all around us,
Small ones,
Large ones,
Everything in between,
The world is constantly changing,
We are constantly changing,
Nothing from day to day,
Is ever fully the same,
Some circumstance,
Small or large,
Will always be around,
But it is how we handle these changes,
How we believe in ourselves,
How we believe in Him,
How we believe in His guidance,
How we believe in prayer,
And is all those things,
Knowing that we all are destined for something,
No matter how big,
Or how small it might be,
That all these changes,
From the small,
To the large,
Is all a pa…

Our Future

I might not always know what tomorrow will bring,
I might not always know what will happen,
I might not always know how certain things will happen,
Or how things will always work out,
But I do know this,
I know that I love you,
I know that God brought us together,
That we are meant to be together,
And that although the way might not always seem clear,
That sometimes the way seems hard,
That there is hardship,
That everything in the world around us,
Seem to fall apart in one way or another,
We will stay strong,
We will find a way,
Because we have Him in our lives,
So although there is no promise,
There is no guarantee,
I do know this,
I know we love each other,
I know that you mean the world to me,
I know that you care about me,
And I know that we will get through it,
As long as we love each other,
Take each day as it comes,
Look out for each other,
Keep praying,
Keep believing,
Keep on knowing,
Keep on looking toward Him,
Looking toward His words,
Looking toward His wisdom,
We will get through every moment,
Every sin…

What I Love About Us

What I love about us,
What I enjoy so much,
Is the ease we have with each other,
The way I feel whenever I am with you,
The wonder,
The beauty,
The love,
The peace,
The calm,
The joy,
The way we just seem to fit together,
We have our differences,
We have our similarities,
We find ways that complement each other,
And that is what I love about us,
I love everything there is about us,
The way I feel comfortable with you,
The way I don’t feel I have to try to be,
This way,
Or that way,
What I love about us,
What brings true joy to my heart,
Is how much I know you care,
Even without always the words,
Without always the gestures,
The simple of it all,
Just the look into your eyes,
Just the way I know you care,
The way I know you love me,
The way you and I just belong,
The way I feel that when it is just us,
When it is you and me just spending time alone,
How I feel the whole world fades,
And all there is,
Is you and I,
What I love about us,
What matters more to me,
Are these emotions,
The little things that you do,
The little mo…

My Favorite Birthday

Sitting there at the table surrounded by friends,
My mom,
The guy I truly found love through,
Thinking of how many birthdays,
So many moments,
Both good and bad,
Some birthdays better than others,
Some filled with hurt,
Some filled with some sort of love,
Some filled with more presents,
Some filled with less,
But in the end,
The best birthday,
The one I remember,
The one I think about often,
Is the one where I sat at that table,
Looking at everyone around,
Feeling truly blessed,
Feeling truly loved,
Feeling truly adored,
Feeling like there wasn’t much,
That could ever be better,
Than those moments,
That I sat there,
Was able to look into all those eyes,
Including yours,
Having a whole weekend,
Of excitement,
Because of you,
Because of you being in my life,
Because of this love,
That moment,
The moments that follow,
There isn’t much now,
That could top that first birthday,
With you by my side.

Finding Faith Through Hardship

I’ve been through many rough patches,
Seen some difficult times,
But now even I,
Who has seem to have found a way,
Is finding myself at a first for me,
But even through this,
Even through this moment,
This pain,
This unknowing,
I have faith,
I have belief,
I have something I didn’t have before,
I had gone through so many trials,
So many things out there,
So many problems alone without Him,
I wasn’t always a believer,
I didn’t always have that life,
But now I do,
And I believe that can make a difference,
If I keep putting my trust in Him,
If I keep remembering His promise,
Then things will work out in some way,
He will be there to guide,
Will be there to provide,
Never before in my life,
Never before until I became saved,
Did I find that peace,
Find that hope,
Find that belief in prayer,
In knowing that I am His,
So although I find myself,
In a place I don’t quite know fully,
I have to keep remembering,
To not listen to the other voices,
To remember that this too shall pass,
But it is still hard,
Because I am still weak …