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Day 25 A First For You

When I met Troy I knew that my life was never going to be the same. Although I had been in quite a few relationships by that time I knew there was something different about him and about this relationship even at the beginning. Hardly did I know how different that could be in so many wonderful ways. I couldn’t even imagine how much I would find in terms of peace, completeness, joy, wonder, happiness, love, and so much more.

Although I felt I have known a piece of what love was before I never knew quite the extra completeness that could be possible when you are truly with the person that compliments you the best. I felt a deep ever compassing love something that no words could really truly express. Something no words could even begin to tell. Something that is beautiful, strong, lovely, and wonderful in so many different ways.

Being with Troy is being home. Being with Troy is being in a place that I feel safe, loved, cared for, supported, and so much more. I know that I mean a lo…

Day 27 Your Favorite Place

I have many different places I consider favorites for different reasons. There is no place though that can compare to whenever I get to spend time with Troy. Rather we are just hanging out around either of our apartments watching movies, going to the store, going to the park by his place, or anything else as long as I am with him that is the best place to be at during those moments. Every day I get to spend with him is wonderful no matter where that might be. Although I wish I could see him more than I do I treasure the moments we have.

Another favorite place is anywhere that I pray to God. When I am able to reconnect to Him and be able to shut out the rest of the world while praying for guidance, wisdom, peace, and anything else he can grant me through the good and bad times it is important. When I get to pray with Troy it feels even more connected as it is another thing we can share as a couple. Praying together defiantly strengths us as a couple.

There are many places in this …

Day 26 Your Fears

As one that has a medical issue my main fear is my asthma getting worse than it already is. I have also been having more medical issues especially within the last year with my asthma, my allergies, and more constant migraines during times that aren’t asthma related. Even though I battle daily it seems with these medical issues I do try to keep my mind on the bigger picture and remember that with this I can prove to be a testament for God’s glory. I know that fear in a healthy way is a positive thing and that it can bring us closer to God.

Although never easy I pray to God every day for me to let go of the unhealthy fears that might be in my life. There are times I also fear about not being able to have children and be a parent although I don’t talk about that one as much I have always pictured myself as a mother as well as other things. Sometimes I fear about never being able to complete all the various writing projects I have in my mind especially things that are longer that I ha…