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Imagining Your Bare Skin

Imagining your bare skin against mine, Hearing your voice in my dreams, Wanting to taste your lips, The way we mold together as one, Just a slight touch against my warm flesh, Feeling the electricity between us, Only sounds I hear is you, The way your breath glides against me, Caressing the depths of my being, The way our bodies embrace each other, You look into the very depth of my heart, The depth of my being, Understanding the lust, The desire, The love, The distance between us doesn’t exist, As we intermingle every inch of our bodies together, A lover’s dance with fiery passion, You slowly explore my mouth with your tongue, The spell is cast, The world disappears, As our hands expertly move, You first massage and embrace my nipples, I slowly work down your chest, Making my way down to your throbbing manhood, I moan softly into your mouth as I rub gentle and firm, Your other hand grasp my firm bottom, Slowly our shirts fall to the floor, We never break the hold within our eyes, The

Never Once Has Daydreams and Reality

Never once has daydreams and reality, Interwoven so perfectly together, Where each moment is perfect, Because you are by my side, You took a hold of my heart, That first moment we spoke, I knew I was completely and fully yours, Every day this love grows, Even through life’s ups and downs, We have stayed here together, Our love is deep and strong, Where nothing can break us, Our bond and love continues to grow, No matter what life throws at us, We continue to be strong, Never once has daydreams and reality, Interwoven so perfectly together, Never once until you came into my life, Has breathlessness and beauty, Intermingled so lovely together, Bringing a happiness so complete, A loveliness beyond imagination, Beyond dreams, Brought into a blissful reality, From the moment I spoke those words, And you spoke them in return, Our love has brought daydreams and reality, Interwoven into an eternal infinite bond, And no matter what life throws our way, This interwov