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What Is This Emotion

What? What is this? This emotion that comes, The one I thought I buried, At least when it came to yu, I hadn’t seen you in so long, Haven’t heard your voice in awhile, Haven’t even really thought about you, And than all the sudden, I am taken back, Back to many years ago, When we were together, When I loved you, I said the words to you today, I felt just like before, I have always cared, It was hard to walk away, But so much pushed me from you, And than all the sudden you are here, I am confused, I know I do care about you, But is this also because I am unhappy? And you always put my mind at ease? What is this feeling? I thought our time was long psased, I thought our moment was gone, But than you said you loved me, And I felt that feeling again, The one I did so long ago, Back when we were going to pledge eternity, Back when I saw myself with you, What? What is this? What is this emotion? This confusion? This thought? Do I want to be back with you? Or is it just that you could bring a