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My Grandma's Service

This was as could be imagined an emotional and pressing time. I barely got through my poem when I read it I got through about half before I started crying and barely got through the rest of the poem. The most amazing thing happened though all my grandma's kids were there all 7 of them even those that had been give up to adoption. The one I was most shocked on is the one that most of us had never seen until today.

I also had a wonderful talk with my cousin Brian that I plan on spending some time with here soon. I also want to get him a g/f haha :) He's a very big sweetheart he has some health issues but he's a great guy. We got a lot of good family pictures and video stuff taken today. I am just in shock with all who showed up considering that my Uncle Richard didn't even know if he could find some people before she even passed. This whole thing has been amazing and I am even more wanting to find the other parts of my family as well. Thank you again to all who ha…