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My Personal Goal Statement

This is the Essay I wrote for Argosy for getting into my Master's Program I will be starting in January.

Even at a young age when I was in grade school I knew that I wanted and was going to accomplish a lot of great things. When I was a child I was actually in special education until I was in the 4th grade due to having a motor skill problem I was born with and a speech problem. My motor skill problem prevented me from holding a pencil correctly and would at times cause hand pains as it does still to this day if I have to write too much by hand therefore as I am writing this I type everything. With that and the speech problem which people never seem to notice most of the time I worked very hard to get out of special education in grade school.

This is just one of many examples I have of where I have worked toward a goal that most would thought impossible. I came from a single parent household with a father that decided he didn’t want anything to do in my life but I worked throu…


Over powering,
Ever compressing,
Never comprising,
Touches every part,
Of moments,
Of life,
Of dreams,
Of places,
Of people,
All over the world,
All over from young,
To old,
To everyone in between,
And every emotion in between,
We all feel them,
Some more than others,
Some less than others,
It depends on the circumstances,
That one might go through in life,
We all feel them,
We all sense them,
Some of us express them,
Some of us hide them,
Some of us seem to feel them all,
Some of us seem to feel others,
As they go through the hardships,
As they go through the joys,
As they go through every moment,
Ever flowing,
Ever going,
Ever changing,
They live within us,
They are always there,
Part of us always,
Through this life,
Waiting to rise,
To the surface,

Stars Aligned

Stars have pushed aside to let him through,
Through to her heart,
Through to her soul,
Through to her mind,
Through to the innermost being,
To the depths that most couldn’t touch,
Couldn’t even see,
Couldn’t even try to find,
To sense,
To feel,
To know the depth of her,
Stars have pushed aside to let him through,
Through the walls she had built,
The ones miles,
And miles around her heart,
The ones that some tried to go over,
Some went over a few,
Some helped build,
Some broke through,
But was rebuilt through other things,
He didn’t really know it,
He didn’t even see,
That when she met him,
She was close to a moment,
Where she felt to give up,
She was tired of the walls herself,
She was tired of the hurt,
The pain,
Everything that she was put through,
She didn’t know if she could handle it,
If she could go through it again,
And then there he was,
He took her by surprise,
Got her heart going,
Just as if there was never any walls,
Any pain,
Anything that was wrong in her life,
Stars have pushed aside to let him through,

Other Side Of The Fence

Sometimes we all need to look on the other side,
Sometimes we all need to see other points of view,
Even when we don’t agree,
Even when we want to argue,
Even when things don’t seem to make sense,
In our eyes,
As part of our lives,
There are moments we have to be bigger,
Than what we really are,
To push aside the differences,
And to walk along another side,
We might not always understand,
We might not always see,
But sometimes we got to take that moment,
But sometimes we got to take that chance,
And look at the other side of the fence,
Look to see that although you might not agree,
And although there are times to disagree,
That we all are human beings,
We all have emotions,
We all have feelings,
We all have times of loss,
We all have times of hardships,
We all have times of gain,
We all have times of joy,
There are those that are truly corrupt,
And truly evil,
But we have to remember that not all things,
We might believe in is so easy,
As black and white,
There are so many shades of gray,
And we don’t always know,

Changes In Life

Everyday things are changing,
Sometimes days seem like weeks,
And weeks like months,
And months like years,
We have our moments,
We have those times,
When everything seems to be changing,
That it feels the rug is being pulled,
From beneath us,
We don’t always know what to do,
Or rather we will sink,
Or swim,
We might not always believe,
Those changes will always be good,
Sometimes we don’t always understand,
What the purpose might be,
What the way will bring,
Changes are all around us,
Small ones,
Large ones,
Everything in between,
The world is constantly changing,
We are constantly changing,
Nothing from day to day,
Is ever fully the same,
Some circumstance,
Small or large,
Will always be around,
But it is how we handle these changes,
How we believe in ourselves,
How we believe in Him,
How we believe in His guidance,
How we believe in prayer,
And is all those things,
Knowing that we all are destined for something,
No matter how big,
Or how small it might be,
That all these changes,
From the small,
To the large,
Is all a pa…

Our Future

I might not always know what tomorrow will bring,
I might not always know what will happen,
I might not always know how certain things will happen,
Or how things will always work out,
But I do know this,
I know that I love you,
I know that God brought us together,
That we are meant to be together,
And that although the way might not always seem clear,
That sometimes the way seems hard,
That there is hardship,
That everything in the world around us,
Seem to fall apart in one way or another,
We will stay strong,
We will find a way,
Because we have Him in our lives,
So although there is no promise,
There is no guarantee,
I do know this,
I know we love each other,
I know that you mean the world to me,
I know that you care about me,
And I know that we will get through it,
As long as we love each other,
Take each day as it comes,
Look out for each other,
Keep praying,
Keep believing,
Keep on knowing,
Keep on looking toward Him,
Looking toward His words,
Looking toward His wisdom,
We will get through every moment,
Every sin…

What I Love About Us

What I love about us,
What I enjoy so much,
Is the ease we have with each other,
The way I feel whenever I am with you,
The wonder,
The beauty,
The love,
The peace,
The calm,
The joy,
The way we just seem to fit together,
We have our differences,
We have our similarities,
We find ways that complement each other,
And that is what I love about us,
I love everything there is about us,
The way I feel comfortable with you,
The way I don’t feel I have to try to be,
This way,
Or that way,
What I love about us,
What brings true joy to my heart,
Is how much I know you care,
Even without always the words,
Without always the gestures,
The simple of it all,
Just the look into your eyes,
Just the way I know you care,
The way I know you love me,
The way you and I just belong,
The way I feel that when it is just us,
When it is you and me just spending time alone,
How I feel the whole world fades,
And all there is,
Is you and I,
What I love about us,
What matters more to me,
Are these emotions,
The little things that you do,
The little mo…

My Favorite Birthday

Sitting there at the table surrounded by friends,
My mom,
The guy I truly found love through,
Thinking of how many birthdays,
So many moments,
Both good and bad,
Some birthdays better than others,
Some filled with hurt,
Some filled with some sort of love,
Some filled with more presents,
Some filled with less,
But in the end,
The best birthday,
The one I remember,
The one I think about often,
Is the one where I sat at that table,
Looking at everyone around,
Feeling truly blessed,
Feeling truly loved,
Feeling truly adored,
Feeling like there wasn’t much,
That could ever be better,
Than those moments,
That I sat there,
Was able to look into all those eyes,
Including yours,
Having a whole weekend,
Of excitement,
Because of you,
Because of you being in my life,
Because of this love,
That moment,
The moments that follow,
There isn’t much now,
That could top that first birthday,
With you by my side.

Finding Faith Through Hardship

I’ve been through many rough patches,
Seen some difficult times,
But now even I,
Who has seem to have found a way,
Is finding myself at a first for me,
But even through this,
Even through this moment,
This pain,
This unknowing,
I have faith,
I have belief,
I have something I didn’t have before,
I had gone through so many trials,
So many things out there,
So many problems alone without Him,
I wasn’t always a believer,
I didn’t always have that life,
But now I do,
And I believe that can make a difference,
If I keep putting my trust in Him,
If I keep remembering His promise,
Then things will work out in some way,
He will be there to guide,
Will be there to provide,
Never before in my life,
Never before until I became saved,
Did I find that peace,
Find that hope,
Find that belief in prayer,
In knowing that I am His,
So although I find myself,
In a place I don’t quite know fully,
I have to keep remembering,
To not listen to the other voices,
To remember that this too shall pass,
But it is still hard,
Because I am still weak …

Our True Aspirations

When we go through our lives,
As we grow older,
Sometimes wiser,
Sometimes not,
We all still aspire,
We all still aspire to be this or that,
Maybe a famous athlete,
Maybe a famous singer,
Maybe a famous actor,
A writer,
Who knows,
There are always these possibilities,
Always these things that run through our minds,
Through our heads,
But we don’t always remember,
We don’t always seem to see,
What can lie beyond those things,
We forget to pause,
We forget to take the time,
To take the time to see,
Beyond our lives at this space,
Beyond our lives at this moment,
Beyond our lives here,
We forget to look beyond,
We forget to see deeper than ourselves,
We forget,
But it doesn’t always have to be that way,
We can always still aspire,
But we also have a higher calling,
We have a higher meaning,
We have a higher goal to accomplish,
We have a higher calling to see,
We must remember,
That although we might aspire many things,
There is a true aspiration that we are called to,
There is a true destiny that we are called to,
We might…

I Have No Fears

When I am with you,
When I am near you,
When I hold you close,
When I dream at night about us,
When I do all these things,
Every single moment,
Every single day,
As it repeats,
Repeats again,
I have no fears,
I have no fears about anything,
I feel strong,
Even when things can feel weak,
I feel love,
Even with the darkness around,
I feel joy,
Even when there is sorrow,
Because there is you,
There is us,
There is this bond,
That nothing can shake,
Nothing can tear apart,
Nothing can break it,
Because this bond,
This feeling between us,
Is so strong,
Is so everlasting,
Is so wonderful,
Is so everything I’ve always wanted,
I have no fears,
No fears when I am with you,
When I am thinking about you,
When I am dreaming about you,
When I go to that place in my heart,
Where you hold the key,
How can I fear?
How can I have any worries?
When you hold my love,
When you hold my heart,
When you hold everything of me,
So easily,
So wonderfully,
So amazingly,
In that place,
That is you and I,
There are no fears,
Because you and I are one…

I Miss Your Smile

I miss your smile,
Almost more than anything else,
Even more than a kiss,
Even more than a hug,
Even more than an embrace,
Even more than anything else,
When you are not around me,
When you are not by my side,
Even when I am talking to you online,
It doesn’t compare,
It doesn’t even touch,
How I feel whenever I am there,
I miss your smile,
Because it lights me up,
Brings forth joy,
Brings forth happiness,
Washes away any sorrow,
Washes away any pain,
I miss your smile,
Although talking to you through the week,
Helps lessen the hard part of not seeing you every day,
I cannot help but miss your smile,
Miss the way your eyes light up,
The way the joy just spreads,
Whenever I see you,
Whenever I am near you,
No matter where I am,
No matter what I am doing,
I just think about that smile,
Think about the way,
The way you make me feel,
Every moment,
Of every day,
But when I am not with you,
I miss your smile,
I miss being with you,
I miss everything about you,
I love you with every beat,
Every breathe,
Every moment,
Every dream,
I …

My Troy

When I think about you,
Just in those random beautiful moments,
When everything else in the world,
When every moment seems to be filled,
With this and that,
The ongoing never ceasing,
Never ending business that we call life,
These are all part of the moments,
The moments I feel the need even more,
Just that moment,
That being,
That love,
Is everything that is so simple,
Yet so wonderful,
Yet so everything,
So everything I could ever need,
Life is so rough all around us,
People are losing many things,
Some even their faith,
There is pain,
There are tears all around,
But when I am with you,
When I am with you those moments,
Everything else fades away,
Everything else feels less crazy,
Everything else,
The whole world fades,
And I focus,
And I look into those eyes,
And I feel home,
Feel home just being with you,
Being by your side,
Loving you,
Wanting you,
Needing you,
Being with you always.

Upset Souls

People hurt each other unnecessary,
There are bullies all around,
There is so much pain we give to each other,
Without needing to,
People who go thinking they are not loved,
People who go thinking that they don’t matter,
People who believe they are not good enough,
Or could ever be good enough,
People who feel the hurt so deep in their hearts,
And in their souls,
That there is no answer,
That all there is nothing around them,
They hurt and hurt,
They cut,
They bleed,
They sometimes even give up their life,
When will we all stop and realize,
When will we all stop and see?
When will we look deeper?
Then what is on the surface?
When will we take that chance?
Take that chance to see something deeper,
Then what is outside,
After all beauty is really more than skin deep,
Looking around,
Seeing these things,
Upsets the heart of me,
Because I feel the compassion,
I understand the pain,
I know what it is like to be judged,
For things only from the outside,
And not given a chance to see,
What might lay inside of me,
Lately it …

Those Regrets

I’ve stumbled,
I’ve fell,
I’ve had to find a way to pick myself up,
From the many regrets through my life,
I have had to deal with hard choices,
Choices now in retrospect,
Didn’t always seem the best,
Trying to find the peace and serenity,
Praying to God every day,
Time heals slowly,
Now that I have God,
Now that I have become His,
I have given it all to Him,
But there is still a moment,
There are times I find those tears,
The tears long since gone,
Long since hidden away,
Retrospect isn’t always a friend,
But knowing it has to be done,
In order to truly heal,
In order to get over the regret,
I have to look into my heart,
I have to look into my soul,
I have to take an honest look at myself,
Take an honest look of the good,
Take an honest look of the bad,
Take an honest look of the hurt caused,
The hurt caused by others,
The hurt I’ve caused others,
But there are still days,
That I stumble,
That I fall,
That it still hurts,
Hurts in ways that is hard,
Hurts in ways that can make me cry,
Wishing I wasn’t so broken,

Things That Make Me Cry

Watching the images on TV,
Seeing those desperate moments,
Seeing those people cry,
As a disaster changes there life,
Wondering what they are going to do now,
Home lost,
People gone and missing,
Hurt seen through and through,
Moments seem like hours,
And hours seem like days,
Shock is on their face,
Even if they cannot express it,
There is a fear in their eyes,
Not always about what has been lost,
But what is going to happen next,
Grateful to those that risk their lives,
To help them through that difficult moment,
Seeing those people,
Watching those images,
Knowing the pain of being uprooted,
Knowing that although not quite the same,
Knowing the pain that is in their hearts,
The pain in their souls,
The wonder of what to do next,
Wondering how to pick up one’s life now,
Hoping that they have the faith,
The faith I did in times past,
Knowing that there are people that care,
Knowing that there is a God that cares,
Knowing that through this one will become stronger,
One will find something they never knew before,

My Favorite Place

Walking through the park,
Standing there by your side,
Walking through the store,
Walking to church,
Riding in the car,
Going to this place,
Or that place,
Sitting on the couch,
Watching movies,
Or TV shows,
Doesn’t matter where we are,
Doesn’t matter where we might be,
Doesn’t even matter if we are alone or not,
Doesn’t even matter if it is just us or not,
No matter where we are,
These moments,
These places,
These are my favorite places,
Being by your side,
Being with you,
Loving you with all my heart,
Loving you with all my being,
Being in your arms,
Holding you close,
Laying there listening to your heart beat,
These are the moments I cherish,
These are the moments that get me through,
Get me through the moments we are not together,
The moments I miss you the most,
I look into your eyes,
And I wonder if you really truly know,
That this heart fully does belong to you,
That I love you with everything I am,
And that being with you,
Is my favorite place,
My favorite place to be.


Dry cycle,
Watch the world move around cycle,
Wheels spinning round and round,
Life cycle,
Dream cycle,
Watching life spinning the dreams,
Running around,
Throwing hands to the air,
On the trampoline,
Can you stop for a while cycle,
Always on the go,
Never always taking the break we need,
Sometimes we need to remember,
That we are here not to just go and go,
That we need rest,
We need time for ourselves,
Time for our friends,
Time to be there for others,
To be beside just ourselves,
You just never know,
You just never know what can happen,
You never know what might go on,
Tomorrow is not guaranteed,
There is truly only today,
Be happy,
Be blessed,
Be there for others,
Look for opportunities to smile,
Even at the small things,
Don’t just focus on those cycles,
Those cycles through our lives,
When was the last time?
When was the time you can remember?
That you just stopped,
And literally smelled the roses?
Took a time to just enjoy life,
We can’t always go on the endless cycle,
Of j…

Something That Makes Me Feel Better

When I hold you,
When I lay up against you,
When I just love you,
When I feel those emotions,
When I let the world fall away,
This is the something,
This is the main thing,
This is the everything,
That makes me feel better,
Knowing you are in my life,
Knowing that I stand by your side,
Knowing that you are the one,
You are the one I’ll forever love,
Trusting in us,
Trusting in Him,
Trusting that He brought us together,
Trusting that even through the storms,
That this,
The forever,
This is what makes me feel better,
When I dream of us,
When I dream of what we are,
Who we can become,
The strength of it all,
The strength we do have,
The strength through every trail,
Every test,
Every moment,
Although still young in our relationship,
We have already shown,
We have already been,
Through trails,
And we hold on,
We stay strong,
And we put our faith,
Our hope,
Our belief in Him,
Trusting in Him,
Trusting He is our guide,
Keeps us going,
I love you my darling,
I love you with all my heart,
Knowing that you are in my life,

This Is A Recipe For Life

This is a recipe for life,
For joy,
For peace,
For love,
For happiness,
For strength when darkness is all around,
When times are rough,
We all go through difficult times,
Not one of us is not touched by a hard moment,
But when we give ourselves to the light,
When we give ourselves that chance,
That time,
That choice,
We all have a choice,
A choice in this world,
In this life,
To walk down the path,
The good one,
Or the bad one,
To make good decisions,
To make bad decisions,
To make a difference,
To not make a difference at all,
This is a recipe for life,
We can choose to look at it,
We can choose to disregard it,
We can choose to ignore it,
We can choose to believe,
We can choose to hope,
We can choose to disappear,
That is our choice,
That is our moment,
We can go our own way,
Try to find the happiness,
Or find the ruin that truly is there,
Or we can give ourselves,
Let ourselves be blessed,
By His love,
His grace,
His being,
This is a recipe for life,
For our life beyond just the moments here,
Our lives can have meaning,

This Month

In this time,
These days,
This month,
There will be many things that will go on,
In your life,
In others,
In times around you,
Moments keep on going,
Moments keep on changing,
Time speeds on,
Time slows down during certain moments,
There will be those around you,
Going through good times,
Going through bad times,
Going through everything in between,
What does it take to take one moment,
Just one space in the time,
To ask,
To see,
To bring some happiness,
To bring some joy,
Something that doesn’t have to cost a thing,
There is so much hurt,
So much strife,
We all go through difficulties,
This month,
So many things will happen,
And it is up to you,
As a person,
As a human being,
To step outside of yourself,
To see things from others,
To give yourself that opportunity,
You never know what you can do,
What you can accomplish,
What you can give,
Even if it doesn’t seem like much,
So when you go through your day,
Through those moments,
You can make a decision,
This month,
This day,
This time,
To turn and look another direction,
Or to…

I'd Walk A Mile For You

I’d walk a mile for a smile,
For the joy,
For the moment,
For that feeling of sun,
For that moment of bliss,
That wonderful reminder,
Of love,
Of wonder,
Of glory,
Of forever,
Of truth,
Of everything,
I’d walk a mile for a kiss,
For the moment your lips,
Touch mine,
For the moment,
That closeness,
That true moment of bliss,
I’d walk a mile for a hug,
To hold you close to me,
To listen to your heart beat,
To listen to your breathing,
To just be there with you,
To just be with you for every moment I could,
I’d walk a mile for a true moment,
A moment just to have you,
A moment just to be there,
A moment just to be us,
A moment to not worry,
Or care about anything,
Just that true bliss,
That true love,
That true everything,
I’d walk a mile for you,
Walk farther than anything I ever could,
Because you are my love,
You are my bliss,
You are my everything,
I love you with all my heart,
I love you with all my soul,
I love you with everything,
Everything that I am,
I would do everything,
Just to be there by your side,
Be with you foreve…

My Favorite Memory Of Us

That first moment,
That moment I looked into your lovely eyes,
The moment I saw you walking toward me,
The way I watched you those moments,
Those few moments before anything was said,
Then there was that first hello,
As you opened the door to your car,
And then we drove to the first spot,
Had our first in person conversation,
Had that first true connection,
That moment,
That time,
Is my favorite memory,
It started the story,
It started the lines,
The lines that I would tell,
Tell to so many people, who love me,
Care of me,
Wished happiness,
Wished peace,
That first moment,
That first realization of that dream,
The dream that could come true,
The one that deepens,
The one that stays forever,
There is only one moment,
Only one thing,
That could ever surpass my favorite memory,
My favorite memory of us,
My favorite memory that is you and me,
And that would be the moment,
The time,
You utter the words I long to hear,
When you ask me to be yours,
Yours for the rest of our days,
To be your wife,
That would be the only time,

Day 29 Your Aspirations

Finally able to do this after getting sick and working for a little bit.

Something I aspire to is to not only to keep on writing but to push myself to write things that I might have not thought of writing before. To get back into writing short stories and novels as well as try my hand more with songs and one act plays. I feel I also found a calling in working more on blog related posts and just finding the inspiration to find my muse among that calling. Writing is something I want to use to touch people’s hearts, souls, minds, and anything else I can get I feel that God has given me quite the gift in this and I hope to use it well.

I aspire to be a great friend, best friend, girlfriend, and all those little titles we assign ourselves through things in our lives. I try to always have an open door to my friends being there for them and supporting them through the good times and bad times. To be someone to be counted on and inspire in whatever way I can.

I aspire to be a good example…