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Life As An Asthmatic Part 4

What a busy week I've been having. As one who is job searching I've been on interviews like mad having a total of three this week with my last being today. I had some small issues the other night and I hoped and prayed that please let it just go away so that I could get through Wednesday, thankfully something must have worked. As promised this blog I am going to go over in more detail the various types of asthma that are out there. One thing I would like you to think about though, is the fact that it is possible that other types will come out at a later date, there are some types that are known that are new to the world of medicine themselves. Just to refresh here are the types of asthma again ( allergy induced, exercise induced, cough variant, occupational asthma, bronchial, and nocturnal (nighttime) asthma.

First off, we are going to go over allergy induced asthma. This type of asthma is the most common of all types, even t…