Three New Poems

Well it's been awhile since I posted here but first I am going to post my new poems I have written before I post about what has been going on as of late.

Wedding Dreams Come True

A beautiful lovely day
Although filled with a little rain
And only a few of the many
We held dear was there,
It was a day of happiness,
It was a day of roses,
It was a day of tears of joy,
It was a day of combining
Of hearts and souls
That was meant to be
From the first moment
We had met and fell in love,
I remember how fast the time went
From the moment I awoke
To the time for me to walk
Through the house to the place
Where you stood,
You looked so handsome
And I looked and felt
Like your princess,
We spoke our vows,
Exchanged our rings,
Had our first kiss
As husband and wife,
The dream just began
And I know it will live on together
As long as we always remember
And work through everything.
I love you so much David
Happy one month anniversary
My dearest darling.

Dedicated to David Shorb

Thankful Thanksgiving

I don’t care if there isn’t
A huge family around the table
Or if there is only a small feast among
Mostly close friends,
This year I am thankful
Of everything I now have,
I have happiness and love,
Caring and devotion
From the first man
That ever wanted
To share my life with his
And wanted to be with me
Until the end of time,
We have gone through
Our very good times
Where nothing seemed to affect us,
We have gone through
Hard times when
We couldn’t speak
Or talk to each other,
But now we are stronger
Than ever before,
This is a time to be thankful
For all that someone has
But I am thankful for
More than good friends and family
This year,
This Thanksgiving is the first
Of many more to come,
Where I am thankful
All year long for the
Wonderful man that is my husband,
And has made my life more
Complete than ever before.

Dedicated to David Shorb

The Important Things of the Holidays

Presents and snow aren’t important,
As moments in time
And memories that last beyond
A single day or moment
For those are the most important things
This holiday season,
We may not be able to afford
Nice presents around
The Christmas tree,
We may not be able to give
Anything to each other
Other than kisses and hugs,
But holding each other is more important
Than fancy presents around the tree,
Than any material thing,
We might not get snow on Christmas Day
Because we live in an area
Where snow isn’t quite that often
But I rather not worry about snow
And just cuddle with you
While it is cold and windy outside,
I don’t care if we don’t have a big feast
Of food and goodies with many people
As long as I get to spend this Christmas
With you and our friends and family
That we consider dear to us nearby,
This year I do not need to ask Santa
For anything in the world,
This year I am happy just to have
What I have although it may not be much to some,
But I think it is everything and more,
Because this Christmas will be the first of many
That I get to spend happy and true
To the one and only you.

Dedicated to David Shorb
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