I Never Told You (James)

I never told you that the tears felt like rain
When they came down my face
When I hadn’t heard from you in weeks,
Or the way my body felt that a part of me died
The moment that you left my side,
Or how the one time you held me
Made electricity touch a new meaning
And how I knew that my heart was so big
And so in love it seemed,
And the dream seemed more of fantasy
Than real reality,
I never told you how the distance
That was in miles never seemed that much
As long as you and I were together
And you secretly seemed to hold me
Whenever we talked,
Or the way my eyes couldn’t leave
Your picture every time I looked at it
Or the one chance I saw you,
Or how the time you asked me
To be forever yours
Even only knowing me for a short period of time
But you said you knew that you and I
Were meant to be together
Just from the first words we spoke,
I never told you about the many letters I wrote
In my journal that never will be sent,
Or how hard it was to throw the pictures
That I once held so dear to my heart away
And to not cry another thousand tears
As I walked away,
Or how I kissed each picture once more
As I said a silent goodbye
And watched my possible future die
And the dreams fade into the blackness of night,
I never got to tell you my emotions
That lay deep in my heart,
But you weren’t there to know
Because you were not able to be found,
And the words could never be sent,
And these words you probably will never read,
But with these words I will tell you,
That I never forgot about you James,
And that I loved you so long after,
And although life for me is different now,
I would have liked to say goodbye to you,
But do know now I am not upset anymore my love,
And I thank you for giving me
Hope in knowing that love still existed.

Dedicated to James Dunn
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