I Never Told You (Mike)

Well Blogspot sort of messed up somehow posted all these posts I just reposted under David's name instead of mine and since it is my words I wanted to redo them.

I never told you how
The pain and hurt almost destroyed me
When I felt our relationship
And my dreams shatter like glass
As my heart and soul laid on the ground,
Or how I could only see the tears
That fell hard and fast
When the words I wanted to hear
Seemed far and not near,
I never told you although
I hardly spoke to you
And ran to another
That thoughts of you
Were never far from my mind,
Or how I would fall back into your arms
If you had told me you were sorry
And wanted another try,
I never told you how many times
I tried to pick up the phone
Even when I was with another
To give you a call to hear that voice
The voice that I knew would soothe away the pain
To make everything okay once again
And tell me that eternity would be alright again,
I never told you how many times
When my emotions were hurt by the words
And my mind was hurt by the things thrown at me
And I felt that my mind was yelling things
That my mouth could not say
Afraid that he would strike with words
And next with his hands
That seemed so soothing at first
But seemed so rough and hurtful if
I dared to utter the wrong things,
I never told you how painful it was
To let you go and to say the words
I never thought I would say,
The words I thought someone else would say,
The words I thought someone was saying,
The words I wanted to take back the moment
After they were said but I knew
That there was no going back the moment they were said,
The moment I heard the silence and the goodbye,
But know this honey no matter where I am now,
No matter how many months have passed,
And now that you have come back and apologized
For all that happened and for not giving me the answers
That I once wished and needed,
Know now you will always be in my heart
And although I never told you many things,
Know this my dear,
You forever have a place in this heart,
And that is a promise of eternity.
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