My Special Friend

You my love have become a very special friend,
Although in my mind you have become so much more,
I hope you will never be gone,
I hope you will never go overseas without me,
I hope you will never have no contact with me,
I would be worried without knowing about you,
Please promise me honey you will never worry me,
That you will never be gone,
Or at least not gone for long,
I would never want to be away from you,
You are everything my darling,
Everything I have always wanted,
Everything I have always needed,
You my love have become very special,
Someone I could see myself with,
See myself with forever,
It started with a simple moment,
A moment of just replying to something you wrote,
But there was that instant attraction,
Instant attraction to you,
To this,
To this love,
And I want you to know I love you,
Love you deep and true,
Deep and true forever,
Forever with you.
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