What Is This Emotion

What is this?
This emotion that comes,
The one I thought I buried,
At least when it came to yu,
I hadn’t seen you in so long,
Haven’t heard your voice in awhile,
Haven’t even really thought about you,
And than all the sudden,
I am taken back,
Back to many years ago,
When we were together,
When I loved you,
I said the words to you today,
I felt just like before,
I have always cared,
It was hard to walk away,
But so much pushed me from you,
And than all the sudden you are here,
I am confused,
I know I do care about you,
But is this also because I am unhappy?
And you always put my mind at ease?
What is this feeling?
I thought our time was long psased,
I thought our moment was gone,
But than you said you loved me,
And I felt that feeling again,
The one I did so long ago,
Back when we were going to pledge eternity,
Back when I saw myself with you,
What is this?
What is this emotion?
This confusion?
This thought?
Do I want to be back with you?
Or is it just that you could bring a little more?
Do I truly want to be with you?
And you alone?
So many questions,
Not many answers.
So many thoughts,
So many dreams,
So many moments unspoken,
Yet oh so true,
What is this emotion?
The one you brought,
Brought to my life,
When my life is at such an ends,
An ends of a turning point,
Where I feel my life changing,
Changing to what I am not sure,
But I feel the changing in the wind,
Just like I feel this,
What is this emotion?
The emotions running through my heart.
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