My Life As Of Late

I have been pretty horrible.  I haven't updated here in a long time.  I been posting on my myspace blog but not here on things going on in my life as I usually mostly use this one for writing but I thought I update you all what is going on in my life.

Life Is Just Wonderful!
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Category: Romance and Relationships

I am sooo beyond happy right now. There is a wonderful guy in my life and he has made me smile more than I have in a long time. It might have been quick from the time I broke up with Brian to this but I am just so blissfully bouncy hyper type of thing. I am just enjoying every single moment I spend with him and always wanting more.

I do hope he comes with Adam to pick us up from our short vacation to Seattle. I am just a very happy person and found what I been looking for and more. Even Em has said that the emotions and my writing has changed that my whole spirit has become happier. So, yes life is wonderful!!

My Crazy Saturday Evening
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Category: Life

I am about to go back to sleep. I was sort of sleeping and than Alex had to go home in order to give something back to his roommate before she leaves for work he had borrowed it from her as an emergency because we weren't sure what was going to happen. So, let me back track a little. The last two days well this whole week as you heard has been well crazy. I will go more into what I have seen movie wise and such on the Entertainment Day post thing later on today as I still have that email in my inbox.

I will tell you I have a wonderful and great boyfriend now. Beyond wonderful. After going to see some movies my mom and I, we went to the store to get some things and on our way home we decided to get something to eat as it is way too hot to really cook and we were strived, well the car decided to have other issues it decided to overheat a little so we decided to go home. We get it restarted and almost home when it redies and won't restart. Mom and I start getting frustrated and upset because we couldn't find the info on the towing thing she has as she left it in her other purse.

Thankfully some people did come to us and asked if we needed help and we got seriously lucky by having someone see us and tow us home which was a few blocks. But, I was talking to Alex and he was willing and did come out to us. He took us to Shari's so we could get some well needed food and got us back home. At this time it was pretty late we are talking after 10pm or so. I think my mom has officially fallen in love with my current boyfriend after him doing this and saying that it would not be a problem to take her where ever for the car on later on today. My mom even said that if he could he was more than welcome to help watch the place while we are in Seattle and due to the lateness of the night to stay over.

Thankfully we are all okay. Thank the gods I take my cell phone everywhere my mom had actually left her's here because someone has been a bit annoying to her and I had that back up in case the tow truck person didn't come across us. We also had a visit from one of the managers of the company they had come while I went to the apartment to get my mom's insurance guy's information and even gave us both a hug and gave Alex a card. Right now yes he is unemployed but has a job interview on Monday and they told him Please stop by after that and we can see about getting you a job with us.

The whole thing is just amazing the number of people that offered to help, the tow truck people, and well Alex. I tell you I am soo not letting this guy go. Not only did he not get upset when I was just frustrated and such earlier while on the phone but offered all these things like making sure we could get home no matter if we got a tow or not. The emergency thing is that Alex borrowed his roommates keys to her car in order to get some things and left in a hurry before being able to give them back to her just to make sure he got to us quickly.

But, yes. That is the sum of my Saturday other than the movies I got to go see which I'll post about later. But, I thought you all should hear in a mini novel the type of day I had at the end and how wonderful and happy I really am and grateful that I now have Alex in my life.

Sunday, June 29, 2008
The Busy End Of My Weekend
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Category: Life

Not that anything could top Saturday and the lack of sleep thereof, but my weekend did end on a pretty good note. We got the car stuff done so hopefully from here on out it will be good and mom won't have to worry about that. They suggested something but mom is waiting until our trip is over and if she gets the money from the state or not for that extra refund. We were quite a bit everywhere.

Alex and I did play Champions which was the first time for him it was pretty nice. Other than the stuff with the car we ended up going to Panera and met up with Adam and had food. Than Alex and I went to Adam's and watched Fool's Gold which I have seen before but I enjoyed it. We got our first pictures together done and Adam helped to start setting up Alex's myspace page we still got stuff to do to it and I'll be helping him with it tomorrow. I am feeling pretty tired but trying to at least finish watching this movie and try to get my emails down a bit more. I am doing some major deleting just so I can get caught up.

Alex has two job stuff tomorrow the Intel and the stuff for the towing company so hopefully that will go well. Heard Mike won't be coming down to see me after all no surprise really there with how some things are. But even with the car stuff I have enjoyed the weekend and it's crazyiness.

Monday, June 30, 2008
Well There Has Been Some Changes
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Category: Life

I have a bunch of news already today some good and some bad news in some ways.

Good News- Alex got the job at Intel that he applied for and had the interview with today he will be starting tomorrow. We will be going to get the drug test and such done today he went to have lunch and I probably just have a few minutes before he's here. Well more like near 20 but anyways. So, I am very happy about that and probably the saving grace on everything else.

Bad News- My mom's car is still being a brat and so we are going to have to drop off the car to get it fixed. I will not be gone the 4th of July weekend after all at least not in Seattle as I originally thought. Not sure what I will be doing but I'll probably try to do something with Alex and Adam to make up for not going to Seattle. I am still taking the time off as I seriously need it. Sadly my mom is feeling like giving up on relationships due to the whole guy in Seattle and their huge disagreement as well. Please send her good energies.

She is wanting to give up on online and feels like she will always be single as she has had so much bad luck with guys. With being here I will be working on group stuff and school stuff to get fully caught up and such.

Need Emergency Energies
Current mood: adored
Category: Life

Okay all I need some major energies!! My mom's car is still being well a piece of shit. And sounds like she would need to replace something with the water like the water pump and that's expensive. Please send emergency energies for her to find a way to either a) get a different car somehow b) that the federal money will come and she will have the money to fix the car c) just because she needs energies to not give up she's feeling very depressed. Thank you in advance.

Majorly Stressed
Current mood: stressed
Category: Life

Things are getting worse my friends. My mom's car is seriously causing major issues. We can't get a rental car for other various reasons such as what they require a lot of stupid things. Right now we are trying to figure how mom can get to work and get things. As it is I might just have to get a job at this rate there is no way we could afford this place if something happens to my mom's job. I am just majorly stressed. Keep sending those energies my friends things are just insane right now. I might have to cancel at least part of my cable and such. *sighs* I really would hate to try working out of the home but I might not have a choice here soon.

Please send energies we needs something good and soon.

July 2nd: Odds And Ends
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Category: Life

So, I have been busy as you mostly know here are some odds and ends on things going on at the moment.

I am finally catching up on my SOTW stuff actually gotten quite a bit of that done now although I had questions on two things. One being that the final in one class said it was closed yet it closed on a day before it would have been opened (I am thinking oopsie). Oh well at least I got two of them fully done once I get the answer on the final quiz on the one and what to do on a journal on the other with non working links I should than be done with all but one class by that time maybe all of them we will see.

So, far I haven't seen anything come in work wise still looking forward to my mini vacation from work even if it means not going to Seattle. I still got quite a bit of poetry writing to work on but I been needing to get caught up on my online class stuff especially SOTW with the term ending soon. Probably work on the other online class school tomorrowish depending on things. I know I will be seeing Alex and spending time with him. He had a pretty good first day and texted me just before he went to work although I did talk to him for a bit and talked to Adam as well.

So far Alex has only met Adam in person but has gotten to talk to a few of my online friends which is great. I been adding a few things here and there on my profile because with him I been very very happy just not able to think what songs to add to my playlist.

From earlier from when I talked to my mom the update is that she got a rental for today to get to and from work, she was going to drop that off, have my friend Lacy bring her here, and than have someone take her to and from work as a carpool. No word yet on my Cousin Brian on if he will be able to help fix it as other wise with the labor it would literally cost an arm and a leg. I guess for some reason my mom's car payment isn't showing correctly on her credit report so she has to call them to find out why and depending on that if she has to make another call or not.

I am just mostly hoping that it will be a little less stressful told her we will just have to take this a day at a time and just think of things as it comes. I know we both need the stress or the asthma crap from it we both had attacks from what she told me. I should probably update my other blog since I been mostly blogging as I have just mostly had the time to do that with everything else going on. Other than the car stuff things are going okay here I do have a job interview on the phone and online on Monday for another at home job it is just part time for a little while but I figure I could get some good money on that as it would be hourly and not piece rate although I will keep what I have as well during that.

I also emailed my builder friend that quit to see if I could get the information for our competitor so I can make more money as I would like to help out more, get some of my credit better, and move out on my own. I also need to do some research on publishing my poetry, get some stuff up on Helium and Associated Content as I have been slacking there, and such. Lots to do and not much time it seems these days. Not that I am complaining on the having Alex portion mind you I am very very happy with him and I enjoy every moment I have with him always wanting more. Just with everything else on top of it things been a bit well crazy.
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