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Emergency Thoughts Needed!!
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My very best friend of about 11 years just was in a car accident. Thankfully it sounds like he's okay he seems to be okay other than being a bit shoken up. He was rear ended. Thankfully he has good insurance and things will get covered by the other person. Right now he's eating his dad is with him he was able to get over there and call a tow truck for him. Just keep Adam in your thoughts.

I am hoping that things will go okay with the car stuff and that things won't be too bad medical wise. So please keep him in your thoughts.

On another note I applied for a job via craigslist that I can do at home. It's a customer service position that would be hourly. I could use thoughts and energies for that as well so that I can get something better than what I have now. Thank you.

Quick Update On Adam
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Category: Life

As I told you guys a few days ago my best friend Adam was in a car accident. Well things were not looking too good so mom and I took him to the ER last night we didn't even get home until 1:30ish or so in the morning. They put him on some more meds and gave him a muscle relaxer while he was there. I think I might try to get even more sleep with the lack of sleep yesterday and such and I am just so exhausted still but I wanted to update everyone that has been sending him energies. At this point I think he will be off work at least a few more days due to the meds he will be on and the fact he's not suppose to drive while on those meds. Keep those thoughts and etc coming.

Major Updates
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Category: Life

So I've talked to Adam today and he seems to be doing okay for the most part. He has still a lot on his plate I know for sure he's taking tomorrow off as he has some things he will be needing to do. He has to go to the insurance place to sign some paperwork with the whole car thing. Sad news is that his car is to the point that they won't be able to fix it. He will be getting quite a bit though not only will he have enough to pay off his current car loan but enough to make a good down payment on another car. I know he's a bit upset though as he just got this one about 3 months ago.

As I told him though he will get through it he always does. Not sure if he made the call for a doctor's appointment or not sounded like he was doing a little better than he has the last few days. So thank you for all your energies he's not fully out of the woods but he is slowly getting better. I do also know that his dad will be taking him to get a car rental he will be able to have that for 5 days. I also finally heard from Alex today as well.

Seems that he was having phone issues he said he tried to call and text me throughout the weekend but everytime was having issues. He told me how much he loves and misses me. Right now he wasn't feeling too good and went to lay down dealing with a fever or a possible one but he wants to come see me tomorrow no matter what. I personally just happy that I got to hear from him and know that he's okay I think I could cry happy tears just from that.

So thank you everyone for your continuing thoughts and energies. Seems like now I can start worrying a little less.

More Emergency Energies
Current mood: worried
Category: Life

Well looks like I am going to need energies and such again everyone. I just got off the phone with my mom and found out that she talked to my Aunt in law that is married to my Uncle Kim. I guess that he has been really sick and they did some tests. He has cancer :( I am not sure yet what cancer it is. But if I could get some energies and such I would appreciate it. Thank you.

Ugh!! I Hate White Cars!!
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Category: Life

Okay for those that don't know I have this white car rule. Pretty much the sums of it is that anytime a white car is invovled stupid things can and will happen. Case in point is that a fucking white SUV hit Alex's car which I have pictures of. Thank the gods though that he is okay he wasn't even in the car when it happened. He was about to go into an interview remembered he left his resume in the car and it was done during that time. I am just grateful that he's okay he already filed a police report and such and I might have to help him with stuff on the car. So I didn't go with him he was going to come over afterwards but than this happened and the police said it's best to try to not drive it too much cause of the hood but I might still try to have him come over so we can work on the whole thing. So, yeah I hate white cars.
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