Fools In Love

Maybe I am a fool in love,
Who looks before really leaping,
Who believes without knowing much,
But I don’t care what people think,
Or what people say,
Or about possibily getting hurt,
Because I know in my heart,
And I know in my soul,
That you are different than those others,
With you I feel safer than I’ve ever felt before,
I might have thought before things,
Or emotions I feel now,
But none of those even compare,
None of those even come close,
What I feel with you blows me out of my own mind,
What I feel with you blows me out of my own soul,
Maybe we are fools in love,
But I don’t care,
Because as long as I have you,
As long as you are in my life,
And as long as I know you care in my heart,
I rather be a fool for the rest of my days,
I rather have this happiness,
This happiness that is brighter,
Than anything I’ve ever felt,
I felt like I am coming home,
Coming home to where I belong,
Whenever I hold you in my arms,
Whenever I kiss you,
Whenever you touch me,
Whenever we make love,
Maybe I am a fool in love,
But this is the dreams,
This is the eternity,
This is the hope I’ve been hoping for,
When I am with you,
Not only does everything else fade away,
Not only does it feel like just you and me,
Time seems to slow,
Time seems to just stop,
Time doesn’t seem to even matter,
All there is,
Is you and me,
Nothing can distract me,
Nothing seems important,
When you are near me,
All I care about is holding you,
All I care about is kissing you,
All I care about is being with you,
Feeling those emotions,
Letting everything go,
Letting everything flow,
It feels like coming home,
I feel at home,
In your arms,
In your eyes,
In your smile,
In your touch,
In your kiss,
With everything you do,
Maybe we are fools in love,
But if we are fools so let it be,
Because this is what dreams are made of,
This is what eternity is,
This is everything I could ask for,
And so much more,
And just know I love you,
And I know without you saying a word,
How much you care,
Because of how you touch me,
How you could me,
How you show me everyday,
That I am yours,
As you are mine
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