Should We Listen

Should we always listen,
To those stereotypes we see around us?
Should we always pay attention?
Can’t we see the things aren’t always black and white?
Can’t we see that just because of one thing,
Doesn’t mean you have another?
Just because one is skinny even as a women,
Doesn’t mean you are anorexic,
Just because one might be overweight doesn’t mean,
That’s the reason you have diabetes or asthma,
Just because one is male doesn’t mean
All they think is sex,
Just because one is female doesn’t mean
All of them like to cook,
Should we listen to these stereotypes around us?
Should we pay attention to those things,
Instead of paying attention to the actual person inside?
Don’t you realize?
Don’t you understand?
Can you not see how much it hurts?
By ignoring the person,
By keeping to the stereotype we do not see,
We do not realize,
We do not look enough,
To see that just because someone
Is a certain way,
Doesn’t mean they are that stereotype,
When did we stop looking?
When did we stop listening?
When did we believe everything
These stereotypes tell us?
We are all different,
Nothing that is part of this world,
Can explain why we have certain things,
Should we listen?
Should we really believe?
Should we keep going this way?
We need to stop and listen,
We need to stop and care,
We need to look deeper,
There are so many needing help,
So many that others won’t listen to,
Because of these stereotypes,
We need to stop boxing people,
We need to stop this,
Before it is too late,
We need to change,
We got to stop listening,
We got to stop believing every single one,
We need to realize it doesn’t matter,
Who you are as a person,
Things can happen,
And it isn’t always due to this or that,
Although that doesn’t mean this or that isn’t important,
But we got to see the underlying issue,
That these stereotypes are only harming,
The connections,
The way we treat others,
The every single thing that could help
Instead of harm,
We cannot afford,
To keep on listening,
To keep on going,
To keep believing these stereotypes,
We cannot do this anymore.


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