The Moment You Came Into My Life

The moment you came into my life,
Everything was not right,
There was so much pain,
I couldn’t bear,
But I kept smiling anyways,
There was so much rain,
So much strife,
I didn’t know if I really could make it through,
But I kept on hoping,
Kept on believing,
Even through that dark time,
Then you came into my life,
Bringing love,
Every single emotion,
I thought might be lost,
I felt it seep through my heart,
Flow through my veins,
Carry toward every part,
What I thought was lost,
Was suddenly found,
Was suddenly gained,
Was suddenly back into my life,
The moment before you came into my life,
I felt like giving up,
Felt like giving in,
But then I prayed,
And hoped,
For something to change,
And then you came,
Bringing what I had been missing,
Bringing the love I knew still existed,
I knew that although there is hardship,
And pain that seems to be around,
That love still could exist,
And the moment I looked into your eyes,
Watched as you smiled,
The way I felt myself light up again,
It was like a new beginning,
A new start,
A new moment,
Every single bad thing before,
Seemed so pale compared to the love,
I feel with you every single day,
I know every moment,
Every day,
Every second I feel it more,
You are my everything,
Your love brings me joy,
True everlasting moments of bliss,
Thank you my darling for coming into my life,
Coming in that moment that was so dark,
Bringing the light that only you can bring,
You are my love forever,
Until the end of the time.
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