The World In Our Hands

We all hold a part of this world,
In our hands,
We hold the world’s hopes,
And everything that is part of our world,
We hold the world in our hands,
Even if it feels big,
But there is a part of us,
That is within our core,
We all need to take a moment,
We all need to take time,
To remember how we affect,
The world around us,
We must try to care for it,
Even through the difficult times,
We all hold the world in our hands,
It depends on us,
Needs us,
Believes in us,
We need to find a way,
To keep the peace,
Realize the worth,
Of everything around us,
We can all do our part,
All we have to do is reach,
Reach out,
Reach out our hand,
Our hand to hold,
Each person we touch,
Each person we come in contact with,
Each person that is within our grasp,
Because every one of us,
Every one of us is important,
And it takes every person,
Every one of us,
That extends our hands,
Extends our hands beyond,
Beyond where we live,
Where we roam,
Where we go,
Through our life,
Through our journeys,
Because the world,
The world relies on us,
As it is in our hands.
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