Fuchsia Flowers

Fuchsia flowers reach on out,

Reach to the sky,

Give a smile,

Help the needy,

Help the disheartened,

Help the disenchanted,

Help the hurt,

Help the poor,

Give them something,

Something to believe in again,

Something to hold onto,

By looking deep into the site,

Of the beauty that you are,

Fuchsia flowers reach toward,

Reach toward that light,

Reach out to that promise,

The promise of life,

And a new day,

And being a new being,

And a new comfort to someone,

To someone who needs,

Who needs that within their lives.

Fuchsia flowers grow,

Grow until you cannot grow no longer,

Let your roots take hold,

Let you place your anchor,

Upon this soil,

Upon this earth,

Take hold dear flowers!

Take hold!

Fuchsia flowers,

Such a simple small thing,

In the host of things,

Yet so important,

So vital,

Because dear flowers you give hope,

Give hope to a lost people,

A lost nation,

Who needs a simple beauty,

To remember,

To believe,

To have hope,

To regain ground,

To be,

And to know,

That the energy,

That goes to creating you,

To be a simple reminder,

Is concerned about me,

And my life,

And my trials,

And my hardships,

And my pains,

And my accomplishments,

And my goals,

And my dreams,

And my love,

To the rest of the days.

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