What Our Words Do

What can brutality really do when it comes to our words?
What can hurtful twisting words do to our souls?
Do you believe in order to cleanse you have to do
Something so extreme and painful?
We should always be honest,
But there are ways to go by it,
There is no need to tear someone down,
Or to hurt what they have created,
Or to lose sight what things are about,
We have so much power with our words,
Rather they be seen or heard,
We have so much strength,
We have so much pain,
We have so much that is casted,
In a blink of an eye,
There is a balance,
It is important to stand for certain things,
But it is not good to hurt another,
To tear that person down,
Or make them feel they are less than you,
We all have imperfections,
We all have our pain,
We all are a part of this world,
And we are all been made in God’s image,
So when you speak those words,
Think for a moment what they do,
And if it is building up or tearing down,
If it is helping or hurting,
If it gives hope or fear,
And remember that our words have power,
Even more power than we can see,
And it can make a difference in someone’s life,
In the blink of an eye.
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