Hearts Ache Here In The World

Hearts ache here in the world,
Tears are flowing with the loss,
Of those young and old,
Those who have lost their lives,
Due to those that take away,
People who mean so much too many,
Hearts are beaten here in the world,
Torn apart with the tragic moments,
That has plagued our world,
Peace seems like a fantasy,
And healing seems like a dream,
Innocent lives have been taken from us,
From these painful things happening in the world,
And where are we going to turn?
What are we going to do?
How can we make a difference?
To change the state of the world?
Hearts are broken here in the world,
From the loss of so many lives,
From the decisions of those,
That decided to hurt innocent lives,
We need to listen to the world,
We need to listen to those hurting,
We need to turn back now,
Turn back to the Lord,
The one that can bring peace to this world,
We need to find a change,
Innocent lives need to stop being lost,
From those who use sin to hurt,
Those that is young,
Those that have families,
Those that have people, who care about them,
Those that have people, who love them,
We need to pray,
We need to repent,
We need to start changing,
We need to take responsibility,
To the length that we can,
Hearts ache here in the world,
They need Him desperately,
Even if they won’t admit it,
They need Him to comfort them,
To hold them,
To be the strength that they need,
To give them peace,
When nothing else can,
We need to teach the children,
Teach the people to depend on Him,
And even though our hearts ache,
We know that He will comfort all that seek Him,
We need to be on our knees,
Put aside the past and the hurt,
Put aside everything and forgive,
And ask Him for forgiveness,
Ask Him to protect us all,
Ask Him to change our lives,
Let us get on our knees now,
Pray for those that have been affected,
By all the hurt going on in this world,
Hearts ache tonight in this world,
And what are we going to do?
Will we come to Him now?
Will we finally pray the prayers needed?
Will we give ourselves to those that need it now?
Will we give our prayers to Him?
To those that ache in the world,
I pray the prayer to those in the world,
That peace and love penetrates their hearts,
As they ache for their loved ones today.
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