Words To Speak

Broken hearts and dreams,
Shattered glass scattered around,
Each path has been a hard journey,
So much memories and thoughts,
Dreams of yesterday,
Nightmares of the past,
Strength that she shows on the outside,
While in the inside broken on the floor,
There was always a moment or two,
That it took more to put together what life she had,
Forgiveness was the key to it all,
Even through the many years after the hardship,
But how does she write the words to speak,
The words that need to be out there,
Of all the times to not be able to say any words,
It comes to these moments in the silent dark,
When everyone else is gone,
When she was alone with her thoughts and memories,
And the thoughts of yesterday crashed all around her,
As she remembered the broken paths of those yesterdays,
She has though no regrets even with the heartache,
Even though her heart has been shattered so many times,
And although there is no way to fully heal the yesterday,
She will still keep on trying anyway,
It is how she has always been,
To find those words to speak,
The words that lay in the deepest recess of her mind,
And the ones that hid in her heart,
With those words she could show the strength,
That has come from knowing it is okay,
That it is okay to have heartache,
It is okay to love hard and strong,
It is okay to laugh and cry at the same time,
It is okay to remember with a small memory pain,
And yet be stronger for it,
She might feel she is broken on the floor,
But she doesn’t realize that it is her strength,
It is the fact that she lays her heart on her sleeve,
And care for people who might not care back,
And love people who might not love back,
And believe in people, who might disappear,
These are the words to speak,
These thoughts and dreams,
Even those of yesterday and far away,
Words of a woman, who has gone through much,
And seen heartache every turn of her life,
Who has given life a chance anyway?
Who gives love fully and true?
Who will keep remembering those yesterdays,
In the bright memories of her life,
Never having any regrets knowing sometimes,
Life just changes course at times,
And she weathers through every moment,
Even with those she loved for a long time,
Gone from her life,
She keeps on going anyways,
Because these words to speak need to be heard,
People need to understand,
People need to realize that love is one emotion,
We can’t give up on,
Even with this world out there today,
And she will put together those broken pieces,
They might be shattered,
They might be all over,
They might be misshaped,
But she will use them anyway,
Because she has come to forgiveness,
And although the words to speak to every person,
Might be laying in her heart,
And not able to be told,
She will think those words to speak,
Even when chances are slim to speak them in real,
She will gather what she can,
Through those pieces and moments,
Those heartaches and those broken dreams,
And she will find those words to speak,
To tell those no longer in her life,
That she has forgiveness for them all,
And has forgiven herself for them all,
And letting those words to speak,
And heal her heart fully this time.
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