Is It Too Late

Am I too late to tell you I am sorry?
Am I too late to tell you that I care?
Am I too late to ask for forgiveness?
To go back to that space and time,
When things were different than they are now,
When I didn’t have to miss you,
Miss the talks we would have,
The laughs that we shared,
And the tears that we shed,
The ones that we healed for each other,
It seems like yesterday,
But it has been several months now,
The memories are still strong,
The memories still sting in my mind,
Even though most days I handle it fine,
But I still miss you,
Miss the smile you always had,
The laughter as it rang throughout the room,
The times we could just talk about anything,
You were the closest person I ever had in my life,
So many years that we had gone through,
Through the trials and tribulations of this life,
Through each mistake we had made,
Through every heartbreak,
Is it too late?
The hours have been many,
Minutes have ticked by,
I am starting to forget your voice,
As we would talk on the phone for hours,
We always made time to talk,
Even when we had a million other things to do,
You were there through it all,
And I watched as you stumbled and fell,
As both our health would take a turn,
And not being able to work,
Through the frustrations,
Through the dreams,
Through every moment there could be,
Am I too late?
Is there any hope left?
Friendships that are true are hard to come by,
And although I took a stand I needed,
Doesn’t mean I don’t miss you still,
Doesn’t mean I stopped caring about you,
Doesn’t mean I forgot everything,
Everything that we had been through,
Is it too late?
Too late to forgive?
Too late to start again?
Too late to talk to you again?
I miss everything about you,
The memories still hold on,
But I wonder if we will ever be,
Anything close to what we were before,
Will we ever regain this friendship?
Can we put aside our stubborn prides?
To let each believe what they wish?
To still support each other,
No matter what we might feel on other things,
Is it too late?
Will I ever know?
The answers to these questions that lay deep,
Deep in this heart every day,
And every day I miss you more,
And I wonder if it is too late,
Too late to try again.
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